7 Internet Businesses that Have Thrived During Lockdown

7 Internet Businesses that Have Thrived During Lockdown

For many businesses, 2020 will be a year to forget. There are lockdowns everywhere. People are getting furloughed or fired every month. Startups are closing down left, right and centre. Cashflow is drying up, and there are no signs of things getting back to normal soon.

Surprisingly, some businesses are experiencing growth like never before. They are accruing so much revenue that they are continually looking for new employees. Wondering what businesses these are? Discover below.

Online Shopping Sites

Jeff Bezos’ Amazon is the prime example of a business performing exceedingly well during this pandemic. Since lockdowns began in the US, thousands of shoppers have been flooding Amazon to buy all kinds of stuff.

And guess who’s getting richer? Jeff Bezos. The world’s richest man has made $75 billion since January. Bezos isn’t alone in making money through online stores.

Shopify, which helps people start online stores, is another business thriving this year. In fact, it’s been gaining popularity so much that’s its stocks have grown by over 20% since the start of the year.

Around the world, online stores have been performing significantly well. That’s because most people are shopping online. And for as long as lockdowns will be around, online retailers can be assured of booming business.

The Real Money Slots Game Industry

Wait a minute. Aren’t casinos closed down? Yes, land-based casinos are yet to open fully in many parts of the UK and USA. But their online counterparts never closed. They’ve been around providing unlimited entertainment to millions of players.

According to a survey published in the Guardian, regular players have been gambling more since the lockdown began. They mostly play real money slot games on casino sites you can find at However, bettors can also wager on sports now that football, horse racing and most sports leagues are back.

Real money slots control more than half of the online gambling market. At some online casinos, slots contribute 80% of all games played. Why, you ask? Slots are simple to play. They are thrilling and can be insanely profitable. Just ask the British soldier who won £13M in 2015. 

Streaming Networks

Tiger King, anyone? The Netflix documentary broke records when it came out a few months ago. Then ‘The Last Dance,’ a documentary about Michael Jordan aired and became the most-watched documentary ever.

In other words, 2020 is one of the best years for streaming networks like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. They are ruling the entertainment sector with Hollywood forced to take a break due to the pandemic.

YouTube is another streaming network performing pretty well amid lockdowns. It’s been growing popularity so much that it’s now the second most successful website after Google. BBC iPlayer, Apple TV Plus, ALL 4 and Britbox have also been trending while their Cable TV counterparts struggle.

Video Games

Before lockdowns, online games represented a fast-growing industry. None of that has changed or is likely to change. And that’s because the pandemic hasn’t impacted how the industry works.

On Twitch, online gaming means streaming from a remote area to millions of viewers worldwide. Everything is done online, so no one has a reason not to watch. When it comes to eSports, tournaments can also ben held online.

With that in mind, lockdowns have been a boon for video games. People are spending more time at home than last year. With extra free time, they are turning to video games for entertainment.

Increased adoption rates translate to bigger revenues for developers and publishers. According to the NPD Group, Americans spent $10.86 billion on video games in the first four months of this year. Overall, the industry earned $977M (52% more) than in the same period last year.

Food Delivery Services

Although lockdowns are forcing people to spend more time at a time, not everyone wants to cook. Some people are choosing to order Pizza online or ask for prepped meals through meal kit services.

For that reason, pizza chains are facing tremendous demand throughout Britain and the US. Papa John’s, for example, has had to employ 20,000 workers to meet the growing demand amid the pandemic. Domino’s, on the flip side, is looking for 1000 employees whereas Pizza Hut intends to fill 30,000 positions.

Meal delivery services are the go-to websites for people who want to cook from home but don’t know how to source groceries. They look for organic ingredients, prep and cut them into portions large enough to feed families before delivering at designated areas.

Video Calling

For a brief moment after governments began to call for lockdowns, working from home seemed impossible. How would business hold meetings? WhatsApp and Twitter? Well, it turned out there were better alternatives: Zoom and Skype.

Since March, businesses have been holding meetings successfully on Zoom and Skype. Some also use WhatsApp and Facebook groups for chatting. In other words, it no longer looks impossible to conduct businesses meeting all thanks to video calling platforms.

Online Working out Apps

When life gave gyms lemon in the form of a pandemic, they turned it into lemonade through online workout programs. Now, you don’t have an excuse for not working out. You no longer need a reason for not building muscles.

All you need is to download a fitness app and set aside a couple of hours for working out. The best apps help you select healthy meals and portions to use. They also show you how to build muscles or lose weight through exercise plans you can do at home.

If you’re a developer, there has never been a better time to develop a fitness app. Since May, people have downloaded workout apps 656 million times. And the number keeps rising.

Your Turn

Which online industry has impressed you the most this year? Is it Zoom turning into a household within a few months? Or do you like the success of online businesses more? Regardless, it’s fantastic that some industries have been so resilient amid a pandemic tearing down most companies.

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