7 Must-See Places To Visit In California

Sun-soaked, glamorous and free-spirited, California is, no doubt, the wild child of America. With its vibrant cities, perfectly sunny weather and trendsetting culture, you’ll find a world of thrills, mesmerizing sights and diversions in the Golden State. Furthermore, it boasts a plethora of nature spots and national parks, making it one of the country’s most beautiful states. From celebrity sightings to hiking, the possibilities in California just seem endless.

Planning on visiting the sunny state, but don’t have a clue on where to go? Need a little help planning a trip to California? Well, guess what? We’ve rounded up some of the top destinations and spots in California, to help you plan the ultimate sunny state vacation.

San Francisco

Places To Visit In California

They don’t call San Francisco as one of the best places to travel in the US for nothing.  Full of colours and energy, this Californian city offers a smorgasbord of trendy attractions and spots, including the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and the city’s colourful cultural neighbourhoods. To make things even better, it is home to countless of mouthwatering dishes, from Mexican staples to Asian cuisines. With a booming culinary scene, rocking nightlife and famous sights, San Francisco will surely give you vacation for the ages.

Los Angeles    

No list of the best destinations in California is complete without the inclusion of La La Land. While you’ll likely bump into its infamous traffic, the glitzy metropolis has a whirlwind of attractions and sights that will definitely appease your wanderlust. Here, you’ll get to catch sight of some of California’s most revered spots, such as the Universal Studios Hollywood, Griffith Observatory and Los Angeles County Museum of Art. And, when visiting LA, spend some time exploring its lesser-known and locally-loved attractions, the Grand Central Market and Malibu’s Zuma Beach.

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San Diego

Everyone loves San Diego, California! Not only does it offer beautiful sunny weather, but it’s also a world-class city full of cool surprises. For years, this SOCAL city has been drawing travellers across America with its seemingly endless stretches of gorgeous surf-friendly shorelines. As an added bonus, it is home to arguably the best tasting Mexican food in the US. Of course, the city has a number of attractions to keep you amused for the whole duration of your vacation, like Balboa Park, USS Midway Museum and the internationally known San Diego Zoo.

Yosemite National Park

With over a thousand miles of untouched natural beauty, Yosemite is truly a place that should be on your travel bucket list. As you explore the national park, you’ll be amazed and stunned by its one-of-a-kind rock formations, towering waterfalls, millennia-old Sequoia trees and daunting cliff faces. To make your visit even more interesting, hit the trails that pass by a bunch of eye-catching natural monuments. While visiting the national park, make sure to check out its most beloved landmarks – Half Dome and El Capitan.

Sequoia National Park

Home to the tallest trees on earth, this national park is one of the state’s most humbling and drop-dead gorgeous spots. With its magnificent 100-foot-tall trees, you’ll feel pretty small when exploring this national park in California. Established in the 19th century, it’s also one of the oldest national parks in America, designed to preserve the gigantic trees of California. A can’t-miss in this park is the famed General Sherman Tree, which is deemed as the world’s largest tree.

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Napa Valley

Are you a bona fide wine connoisseur? Then, you’ll love every minute of your getaway in Napa Valley! With more than 400 wineries, you’ll surely have a blast sampling the fine wines of Napa Valley, especially when paired with a sumptuous meal. For a memorable experience in Napa Valley, take a mind-blowing hot air balloon ride, and see its picture-perfect rolling hills from a bird’s perspective. Afterwards, head to the downtown area, and feast your eyes on its impressive 19th-century architecture.

Death Valley National Park

Don’t let its not-so sunny name fool you! Even with its bleak-like name, the national park is nothing short of beautiful. Extraordinary and simply beautiful, the park is surrounded perfectly by towering snow-capped peaks, verdant oases and huge sand dunes. In addition, it’s located below sea level, meaning it’s one of America’s lowest, hottest and driest national parks.

Want to add something to our list? Think we missed something? Just feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions using the comment section! 

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