SEO Blunders

As the internet becomes the way of business, it is hard to start up without having a robust online presence. New entrepreneurs, in particular, need to focus extra efforts to become visible online so that that can connect with the target customers. The best way to do so is to have a result-oriented SEO plan in place. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to a set of strategies to propel your website to the top of searches.

Done right, it can increase online exposure, drive traffic and help your new business to achieve its growth targets. While it can do a wonderful job for new businesses, there are some wrong practices that they should avoid. Here are some common SEO blunders that you should be careful to avoid if you are just starting up.

Not having relevant content

Content is the lifeline of SEO as it is the element that can single-handedly influence the positioning of the website on search results. Google prioritizes content that is informative, relevant and genuine. Businesses that fail to have well-researched and valuable content on their sites cannot expect tangible results within optimal time span. Further, relevant content is important in terms of conversions too as it builds trust of the customers and entices them to become your loyalists.

Targeting the wrong keywords

Another SEO mistake that new businesses should absolutely avoid is to target the wrong keywords. Keywords drive SEO as websites that are optimized with the right keywords have the potential to reserve the higher rankings. If your site’s content does not have the keywords that the users are searching for, you will never be able to figure in the top searches. This means that the chances of being clicked are minimal and online users may never even know that you exist. You can also check which keywords you are ranking for on SERP pages for your website content and competitor site using keyword rank checker.

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Ignoring the technical SEO basics

While content is one side of the coin, technical SEO is the other. If you ignore the technical SEO fundamentals for your site, results will be elusive. This beginners SEO guide covers all that you need to do to ensure that your business website is optimized to reach the top rankings. These include optimization of title tags, meta descriptions, image tags and other technical parameters. Also, you need to ensure that the site is on top in the performance front as well.

Not paying attention to local searches

As a new entrepreneur, you will probably be enthusiastic to grow your business fast by targeting a wider audience base. However, the mistake that you should avoid in this context is not paying attention to local searches. Startups need to prioritize local SEO during their initial stages because it gets them local visibility and faster results. Local is an excellent traffic generator and is very useful for new businesses.

Not being mobile-compatible

Another SEO blunder to avoid is not to have a mobile compatible website because this is the channel where a majority of customers are. If you are unable to deliver quality experiences to the mobile users, you will end up losing them. Additionally, responsiveness is a key factor that Google considers for allocating search rankings. So your new site will not be able to reach its target unless it is responsive.

Not leveraging the potential of social media

SEO does not work alone as an effective online marketing strategy. For better and faster results, you need to couple it with a result-focused social media strategy. New businesses need to go an extra mile for building a strong presence on the social media channels to extend their outreach and establish connections with the target audience. Therefore, you should make sure that you do not ignore social media at any cost but rather leverage it to propel your online ranking.

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Using Black Hat SEO techniques

The worst mistake for new websites is using Black Hat SEO to get fast results. Remember that they may get you results initially but Google is too smart to be fooled by wrong practices and will catch up sooner or later. Practices like keyword stuffing, use of duplicate content, spamming and more can cause penalty for your site and you may end up falling flat for using dishonest techniques.

The best approach for startups is to have a skilled and experienced SEO team to look after their online presence. Not only will they help you to craft an effective plan but also ensure that you do not make any of these errors. This is extremely important to make your new site reach the top and sustain its position as well.


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