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8 Business Ideas for Students with Small Investment

8 Business Ideas for Students with Small Investment

Are you finding finances a little bit tight as a student? Or do you simply want to get your financial goals started early? Well, whatever your reasons are, it doesn’t hurt to have a source of income or side gig wherever you can get one.

What’s great about starting a business when you’re a student is that you have a more fixed schedule. Even amidst the pile of schoolwork and other responsibilities, it will still be a bit easier to find some time for it compared to if you were already employed with an irregular work schedule. The only real issue is where to find the capital if you don’t have one. One great way is to apply for an online payday loan, but we also recommend giving the business ideas we’re going to share with you today a try. 

In this article, we are going to feature top business ideas that require little to no capital at all along with the best jobs to work from home. In this way, even students (or practically anyone) with limited resources can launch a startup. We’re also going to divide this article into different categories for added organization.

Skill-Based Gigs

For our first category, we are going to line up businesses that you can start with just skill and a few pieces of equipment.


Let’s start with photography. All you need is a decent camera (either a mirrorless or DSLR) and you can already get started. You can also give stock photography a try if you have a good eye for creating vignettes, flat lays, or even portraits.

Here’s a tip: Partner up with an event organizer or a venue provider and work as their “exclusive” photographer.


Speaking of portraits, you can also work as a stock photography model. We suggest sticking to classic themes and even going as anonymous as possible. After all, the premium market of stock photos is websites looking for neutral images that people from all walks of life can relate to in order to complement their content.

What we love about it is that it doesn’t even require any equipment at all.

Here’s a tip: Partner up with a photographer friend and you both have side gigs!

Make-Up Artistry

If there are events and photos to take, then there are surely ladies (and sometimes even gents) who need make-up. This is a great opportunity to finally put that extensive make-up collection to good use and possibly even get your money back.

Here’s a tip: The best time to start this gig is during a school event like a graduation or a prom.

Service-Based Gigs

If the previous category required skill and equipment, what about those who haven’t figured out what they’re good at yet? That’s where these business ideas can prove helpful.


This hustle never grows old because there are always parents who are too busy and kids that need minding. What we love about this gig is that most of the time, you’re not really required to do anything other than just accompany the child at home as he sleeps and while his parents are still out.

Here’s a tip: Try offering your services to a local online parenting group. There are a lot of them on Facebook.


If being patient with kids isn’t really your thing, then how about caring for pets? This service is particularly in demand during the summer or holiday season when families go on trips but they simply can’t leave poor Fido behind and all alone at home.

Here’s a tip: Start by offering your services as a dog-walker. In this way, you will be able to start building your pet owner network already, making it a lot easier to gain your reputation as a pet-sitter.


No one really enjoys waiting in line for anything, not even for limited tickets to the biggest event of the season. So why don’t you endure this inconvenience for someone else instead of offering your services as a queuer?

Here’s a tip: Take advantage of your time by doing something productive while waiting, such as reading a book or marketing another side hustle on social media with your smartphone.

Digital Services

Speaking of marketing your side hustle on social media, that act in itself can already be a business on its own. Aside from social media marketing, though, here are other online gigs that you might want to consider as well:

Being an Influencer

Of all the ideas we have shared with you so far, this has got to be one of the most fun to do. After all, it can even pave your way to fame. You can choose any social media platform to become an influencer from posting vlogs on Youtube to stunning photos on Instagram.

Here’s a tip: It can take quite a while to get noticed, but it does help to invest in better equipment and learning a thing or two about the image or video editing.

Being an Online Seller

What’s great about being an online seller is that you don’t even need to come up with a new product anymore. You can start by reselling items that you can already find online. While Amazon is king when it comes to online retail, don’t underestimate the power of putting up your own online shop or offering your products through social media networks.

Here’s a tip: You don’t even need new items to sell. You can always offer pre-loved items like clothes and books.

Starting a Business With a Limited Budget

Launching your own business doesn’t really require a lot of capital. What’s more important is perseverance and creativity. Make use of the skills and gear that you already have and offer your products and services to a network of friends and family that already exists. Sure, your business might start slow, especially with the limited budget that you have. But with enough hard work, we’re confident that your business will eventually grow and so will its profit. Good luck!

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