8 Important Questions to Ask Interstate Moving Companies

8 Important Questions to Ask Interstate Moving Companies

When you plan to move to another state, the first thing, how to move your house belongings; you need your items to arrive in good condition. Knowing the right question to ask the interstate moving companies is important to help you know before booking. This article has researched some of the best questions you need to ask a company of your choice before moving your household items. 

1. How Long Does the Moving Company have been in Business? 

The first thing you need to know is how long the company has been in the industry. If you hear the company had been operating for more than ten years, that show is doing well.  This helps you know how to experience the companies have. But if still new companies you might risk but not worthy.

2. Are the Moving Companies Properly Licensed?

One simple way to be satisfied with moving companies is to ask if they comply with all the laws. It does not matter the answer you get, but all you need to get is the legitimate status online. If you find out the company is not registered, which you need to answer to avoid such companies, it might be a scam.

3. How Experienced is the Moving Crew

Before taking any step, you need to know whether a moving company has experience moving your items. A high experiencer driver will be better. Check if they are permanent or temporary work to avoid losing your goods on the way. Getting an experienced crew that will be good for you. 

4. What Hidden Cost can you Expect from Cross Country Companies?

Every company has the process of evaluating the cost. So you need to know some of the extra cash they charge apart from the normal service. Some of the moving companies tend to charge some extra money for packing or unpacking items. Charges like moving from company to your home state. All those are important because you may stay some distance longer than where the company is after coming. They increase the cost because of the distance. 

5. Ask if they will Charge Extra in Case the Moving Truck Arrives before You?

If you are moving local or long distance, get to know where and what time they expect your belonging. If you are late, will the moving company charge you for that or any of the delay?  Some local drivers may arrive late and associate with the warehouse to give an excuse. 

6. Does Cross Country Moving Company Request the Deposit? 

Some of the top-rated companies ask for a deposit when booking your service. The main reason for the deposit it compensates the company losses in case the customer cancels the booking. However, the legit company moving deposit should not exceed 20%; if the company asks more than expected, then there is no need to proceed with booking. Another thing to note is not to pay the full amount for the upfront, even if it is legit. 

7. Do you Offer Packing? 

This is an important question you need to ask the companies. It helps you to know and start preparing early. If the company charges for packing and you don’t have money, better start early packing before moving. You should make sure the companies have a trusted and well-trained team for moving your items. 

8. What will the Interstate Moving Companies do to Protect your Belongings?

It is important to ask all questions so that you make the right choice of the moving companies.  Ask what measure the company takes to protect your items if anything happens in the process of moving. You need to pay them so ask all questions as possible.

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