8 Tips to Organize a Fairytale Wedding in a Short Time

Not all couples have a year to organize the wedding, but don’t worry! It is possible to prepare a perfect wedding even in a short time. It takes organization to be able to do everything, even if time is running out.

8 Tips to Organize a Fairytale Wedding in a Short Time

Here Are Some Tips!

How to organize a wedding in a short time? We all know that the ideal time to organize a wedding in the smallest details is a year, but it is not always possible to have a lot of time available to prepare the wedding: there are those who have 6 months, 4 months or even only 3 months. The reasons can be the most varied but the important thing is not to lose sight of the goal: your life together. Even in a short time, it is possible to organize a wedding. For example, thanks to the Internet, if you’re going to hold your party in Birmingham, you can quickly choose one of the wedding photographers in Birmingham that suit you best.

But you have to prepare everything in the best way with the awareness that you will have to make small sacrifices. The important thing is not to panic! So let’s see what are the tips to follow to organize a memorable wedding in a short time.

How to organize a wedding in a short time: 8 useful tips

Having little time available to organize the wedding means focusing on the main points, in order not to lose sight of the fundamental and essential things for the big day. Let’s see some useful and unmissable tips to get to the wedding day without anxiety and stress.

1. Plan and Create a List

The first thing to do is to plan and establish all the steps to be faced: create a list with all the most important things to do.

Search for suppliers;

  • If you have decided to get married in church, contact the priest for dates. The same goes for the Town Hall if you opt for a civil marriage;
  • Prepare the guest list and choose the restaurant or location where the ceremony will take place;
  • Be flexible with dates or otherwise set a range of options in case your favorite church or restaurant is not available on the date you have chosen;
  • Start preparing the bureaucratic procedures, which usually take time.

2. Get Everything Organized

When you have little time available you have to choose well and in a short time:

  • Set a budget. Getting married in Birmingham is not the same as getting married at Swansea;
  • Take a cue from the internet or magazines if you don’t have the style of your wedding in mind yet: flowers, dress, cake.
  • Once you have decided what you like, contact the suppliers to check availability and to book;
  • If there is no time for participation, contact the guests by phone;
  • Who gets married in church will have to follow a prenuptial course. Ask the parish priest for availability for an intensive course;
  • Book your honeymoon as soon as you can, in order to save some money. If the time available is really short you can organize it also for the following months, especially if you have an unmissable destination and do not find availability. In big cities like Birmingham, booking honeymoon locations in advance is highly recommended due to the high level of demand.

3. Delegate and Share Tasks with your Partner

The time available is short so it is important to delegate:

  • Get help from witnesses, but also from relatives, for more practical matters: the delegated people will feel more involved in organizing your most important day;
  • Do not do everything alone but share the tasks with your partner, which will have to happen for the rest of your life, so it is better to start now;
  • Keep an eye on things to do and meet deadlines, so that you free yourself and have time for other things to organize.

4. Contact the Suppliers

Once the location has been booked, the time has come to think about suppliers:

  • Contact the photographer, florist, the musicians for the ceremony and for the restaurant and the driver. It’s better to find local services. If you stay in Birmingham, hiring Birmingham-based services is recommended.
  • If you do not know who to contact, you can ask friends or relatives who have already married, asking you to indicate the suppliers chosen by them for the wedding;
  • Once the suppliers have been chosen, establish all the details with them and keep in touch often for any variations or changes in the course of work.

5. Clothes and Preparations for the Bride and Groom

Clothes shouldn’t be a problem because they are easy to find at any time of the year:

  • Do not choose quickly but do several tests until you have found the right one for you;
  • Establish what hairstyle and make-up will be: contact your hairdresser and your trusted beautician and make an appointment;
  • Go and choose the wedding rings in jewelry. If the engravings take longer than expected you can have them done even after the wedding.

6. DIY Wedding Favors

If the time to choose the favors is short, or you do not want to stress yourself about something that you do not consider essential, you can opt for:

  • A sugared almond to be prepared by those in charge of catering: various solutions can be created, to leave a memory for the guests;
  • Solidarity favors: choose an institution to which you can allocate the money to charity, you will leave the guests a very welcome memory.

7. Confirm the Booked Services

It is essential to confirm all the services you have booked so as to be sure that everything will go well:

  • If any of the guests have not given any sign of joining, call to confirm their presence or not.
  • Also, call those who have confirmed so as to communicate the precise number to the restaurant;
  • Also, contact the priest to ask how to organize the celebration;
  • check the menu again to see if you need to make changes.

8. If Budget Allows, Contact a Wedding Planner

We left it as the last tip but it is not the least important. Choosing a wedding planner for the wedding would be the ideal solution for those with little time, but the costs go up considerably. Those with a higher budget can definitely opt for this solution in order to avoid any stress. The wedding planner takes care of the entire wedding organization. Once the spouses’ preferences have been established, this professional will take care of all practical matters and will also be available for the delegation of important commissions. The organization can thus be perfect even in a short time.

However, if the budget does not allow it, follow our advice, so as to plan even a last-minute wedding perfectly!

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