9 Social Media Tools You Never Knew You Always Needed

Social Media Tools You Never Knew You Always Needed

The world of social media opportunities seems to be endless. To catch them all, manual work may not make do – you simply need to arm yourself with a reliable social media toolbox that you can use on a daily basis. Social media tools can really help you manage everyday activities, but what tools should you start using if there are so many of them on the market? Check out our propositions and find something for yourself. 

Social media tools for management: NapoleonCat 

If you are responsible for communication of many various profiles on social media platforms it is likely you may need some help with managing it right. This is why a post planner becomes one of the most crucial tools used by social media marketers. With NapoleonCat, you can plan your social media activities on the spot – manage social media posts automatically, generate reports and take care of the level of community management. If you are looking for a complex social media tool for SM management, look no further – you have just found one. 

Social media marketing tools for conversational marketing: Chatbotize 

Building chatbots on Messenger is not difficult if you have a great social media tool at your disposal. With Chatbotize, you can build your dreamy chatbot in seconds, using ready-to-use plugins and templates. Then, you can use it to boost your customer service on social media, or conduct a very interesting contest for your followers. At the end of the day, your brand will stand up with originality and out of the box activities!

Social media tools for smart retargeting: RocketLink

RocketLink can take your link shortening to a brand new level. You can even shorten links to some external content and redirect audiences to it, and then create custom audiences to make the most of remarketing. If you want to be a social media growth hacker, this one is definitely for you and you should start thinking about how to use it. 

Crello for creating appealing graphics

Sometimes you just need to create some graphics really quickly, but you still want them to look professional. This is where Crello can help you, offering a couple of templates, elements and text effects to make your social media posts sparkle. You can, of course, customize your designs as well!

Social media tools for business: videos with Reevio 

Do you think that creating short videos for social media is really difficult? You are completely wrong! With Reevio, you are given a lot of amazing templates that you can use to make some simple videos in seconds. The variety of options is nearly overwhelming, but you’ll definitely find your ideal set up. 

Social media marketing tools for social media listening: BrandMention

One of the most important social media tools for businesses should identify any possible mentions and sentiment of your brand. With BrandMention, you can recognize who, when and where anything is said about your brand – and react quickly and accordingly. 


Influencer marketing became a really important part of the social media strategy for many marketers. Without social media analytics, it is nothing but guessing whether a particular influencer is a good fit for your campaign. With HypeAuditor, you can easily identify if influencers you’ve selected have real followers or a high engagement rate. 

Analyse groups with Grytics 

Social media analytics is also becoming more and more popular in terms of Facebook groups. If you manage a community, understanding your audience and their needs are crucial to deliver even better value and grow your group. Grytics comes in handy for those admins and moderators who have no time or skills for advanced analytics.


Sometimes you need some assets right here and right now. No matter if you are looking for some photos or music effects, or even some other templates, All The Free Stock has you covered with thousands of elements you can use for your social media posts. You should definitely give it a go!

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