A close shave for hair-raising women

Just when you were wondering how long the hipster trend of a full-blown, but well-gardened, beard would be around among men who wish to overstate their gender, we have another facial fashion spurt upon us — women shaving their faces. With social media influencers like Jaclyn Hill making dermaplaning — the sophisticated word for face-shaving — no longer a hair-raising topic, more and more women seem to be standing on the razor’s edge and taking the cut.

Women deforesting their faces has been one of the best-kept secrets among the half holding up the sky. Now, it’s being taken out of the closet and being uploaded as a kind of postfeminist beauty tip. Call it women’s upper lib. As personal grooming history goes, women shaving has good pedigree. Queen Elizabeth I shaved her facial hair, eyebrows included (inspiring the likes of David Bowie). Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor reportedly cleared their facelawn by using good old foam and blade. And the likes of Kajol having little qualms lowering her brows, face-fuzz removal also has more ‘womanly’ appliances available under the rubric of dermaplaning tools. On the face of it, this last male bastion being (re)breached by women could lead to another post-pandemic, WFH trend: clean-shaven men. We would recommend the use of separate razors for enthusiasts, though.


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