A Complete Guide on How to Use a Tailbone Cushion

A Complete Guide on How to Use a Tailbone Cushion

Do you know that a tailbone is that bone on the lower part of your spine? You may suffer from coccyx pain due to a fracture, fall, tumors, childbirth, to mention but a few. The pain can be unbearable since it can limit you from working, walking, or undertaking your regular activities. However, there is the cushion from platforms like that can help with the pain. Here is how to use a tailbone cushion.

Use it Everywhere

For better results, it’s best to use the cushion everywhere and anytime. You can use it at home, in your car, at work, or when traveling. That is anywhere that requires you to sit, sit on it. Research shows that consistency is the key to alleviating tailbone pain and so it’s best to use the cushion all the time.

Use the Tailbone Cushion Independently      

When using the cushion, don’t dare place it on top of another pillow. When you place it on another one, you will be seated unevenly, therefore distributing your pressure and weight unevenly, which is dangerous to your back. If you feel you need additional height, you’d instead buy a thicker tailbone cushion than adding an extra pillow.

Ensure the Chair You Sit on has a Back

A chair having a back gives you additional support while you are seated. In addition, a tailbone cushion helps you have a better sitting posture since it elevates your hips. Therefore, sitting on a chair having a back alleviates pressure from your pelvis and spine as you sit upright.

You can ensure you are comfortable using an adjustable chair by changing its height to suit your needs. However, if you fail to adjust it when using the cushion, your thighs may be raised higher, making you uncomfortable.

Use Ice Packs for Additional Relief       

If your physician recommends hot packs or ice as the best therapy methods, don’t freak. There are tailbone cushions that allow you to add the ice for therapy. You can wrap the ice packs in a towel and place them on the cut-out area of the pillow.

Also, some pillows have gels inserts. This type provides softer cushioning, and you can remove, warm, or freeze the gel for warm or cold therapy.

Clean the Tailbone Cushion

You will have to keep the pillow clean all the time. You can maintain its cleanliness by buying one with a removable cover that you can wash. Since the pillow will contact your skin, maintaining its cleanliness will help you avoid transferring germs.

If it’s Not Working, Upgrade it

Coccyx cushions are different. Some are inflatable, thicker, or softer than others and have different fabrics. The materials available include gels, memory foams, or semi-liquid gels. Others have removable covers.

The pillow should protect your spine from unnecessary pressure. Therefore, if it’s not providing the needed relief, you better upgrade. For instance, your doctor can recommend you upgrade to a firmer a denser pillow if you’ve been using a softer one without feeling pain relief.

Using a tailbone cushion is not challenging. The pillows come in various sizes, and you can choose one that’s suitable to your needs from a site such as

You can use the cushion everywhere, ensure the chair has a back, use it independently, add icepacks for extra relief, clean the pillow, and upgrade if it’s not working.

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