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A Guide to the Most Important Kinds of Online Marketing

A Guide to the Most Important Kinds of Online Marketing

The internet is wildly important in the world of marketing. Very few companies can afford to ignore online marketing if they want to have any chance of growing. Here is an extremely brief guide to some of the most important kinds of online marketing. All of these strands are practiced simultaneously in many companies.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a field that has emerged in parallel with the rise of social media figured known as ‘influencers’. Influencers can act as direct mouthpieces: conduits between a business and their specific audiences. Influencer marketing specialists are extremely valuable to companies that would otherwise struggle to identify the influencers that are of the most use to them. Although influencer marketing has only expanded massively in the social media age, it is a very old idea indeed. American novelist Mark Twain is often considered to be the first influencer used for marketing purposes: lending his name to a pen in the early 1900s.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is similar to influencer marketing. Instead of relying upon an individual influencer to spread a message and lend a marketed credence, affiliate marketing relies upon publishing organizations. News websites are one of the most proliferate vehicles for affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing content needs to fit in with the written aesthetic of the publishing company in order to be effective.


SEO – short for Search Engine Optimization – is an immensely important aspect of online marketing. An absolutely vast quantity of internet traffic is routed through search engines like Google. 3.5 Billion searches are made every single day using Google. This naturally means that it is extremely important for a company’s online assets to perform well on search engines. Search engines use algorithms to determine the order in which pages appear when key words are searched for. Search engine optimization is a field concerned with the development of online assets that are seen favourably by these algorithms. Techniques used in SEO include backlinking, content creation and metadata editing. As with all aspects of marketing, SEO can only be effectively carried out after a great deal of market research. In SEO, market research is aimed at identifying keywords: the words and phrases that will be searched for by the target audience of the business.

Targeted Social Media Marketing

Targeted social media marketing campaigns have been proven to be highly effective methods of reaching the specific audiences identified during the market research stage. Social media companies collect a huge amount of data about account holders. The browsing preferences, interactions and specific interests of consumers are able to be profiled by social media companies using this data. It is therefore possible for social media companies to offer extremely accurate targeted marketing solutions to businesses.

Targeted ads make marketing campaigns far more efficient. When conducted well, they are able to do away with ‘wasted’ marketing expenditure. The ubiquity of social media in modern society has made targeted marketing campaigns extremely tempting for many business owners looking to spend their budgets wisely.

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