I am a 27-year-old IT professional, and I want to make an SIP investment in mutual fund schemes. I don’t have much of a risk appetite yet, but I want to stay invested for a longer duration.

‪I am planning to invest in the following types of schemes and wanted to know whether my choices are correct: a large cap scheme, aggressive hybrid scheme, multi cap scheme, and mid cap scheme.

‪I want to stay invested for 15 years or so. ‪I am investing Rs 1,000 in Motilal Oswal Focused 25 Fund from January 2019. My monthly salary is Rs 30,000. ‪My goals are: House, Car, Marriage, Kid’s education.

If you could suggest the schemes and the investment to be made in each of the schemes, it would be helpful.
-Agniv Kundu

It seems, you are new to mutual funds. If so, you should consult a mutual fund advisor in your locality before proceeding further. New investors often need a lot guidance and reassurances in the initial years of their investment life. Only an advisor near you may be able to offer you such a service.

Here are a few pointers for you. One, it is always better to put a number to every goal and invest a fixed amount every month to achieve it. For example, you need Rs 10 lakh to buy a car after eight years. If so, you need to invest around Rs 6,190 every month to create a corpus of Rs 10 lakh at the end of eight years.

Two, you should always choose mutual funds based on your risk profile. Since your risk profile is conservative, you should invest mostly in aggressive hybrid schemes and large cap mutual funds. Multi cap mutual funds are meant for investors with moderate risk appetite, and mid cap and small cap schemes are meant for aggressive investors.

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