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A highly-sophisticated Android ransomware threat apparently targets users of the platform.

A report from GizmoChina says the threat is difficult to detect and features novel behavior patterns.

More from GizmoChina:

This ransomware family has been known for a while and has been found on various websites and has been circulating online through forums, various pop up ads, cracked games, and other forms of media.

According to the PhoneArenareport, the report also added that “the new variant caught our attention because it’s an advanced malware with unmistakable malicious characteristic and behavior and yet manages to evade many available protections, registering a low detection rate against security solutions.”

Furthermore, the hackers apparently are “evolving” this malware by using various accessibility features and the virus is continuously getting better at its intended purpose.

Earlier this year, we wrote about a huge ransomware attack targeting the computer networks of a major healthcare chain in the U.S. and Britain.

The company said its facilities reverted to using offline processes and documentation methods in order to combat the attack’s negative effects.

According to cybersecurity experts, cyberattacks of all kinds have been increasing for the better part of a year, and hospitals – once nontargets for cybercriminals – are now responding to these attacks.

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patient at a German hospital died earlier this month because the hospital they were brought to was knocked offline due to ransomware. On the way to a hospital 20 miles away, the patient died.

While it is difficult to imagine a death caused by a mobile phone hack, this Android ransomware threat presents many, many questions about the relative safety of using mobile devices in a time when so many areas of infrastructure are being attacked.


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