A Protective Shield

As we look at our lives, we find we are bombarded by feelings of sorrow, sadness and pain. This aspect of the human condition often gets us to think the way we can have a protective shield that can help us find a place of calm and peace amid the sorrows of life. The pain we experience in life comes when our attention, the outer expression of our soul, is focused on the outer world where turmoil and pain prevail.

The joy and happiness that we seek cannot be found in this physical world. They reside in the inner spiritual worlds. Saints and mystics come into this world to lead us to the reservoir of peace and calm that we carry within us.

To access this reservoir, they exhort us to remember God. We can use the energy of the mind that would otherwise create havoc for us in this outer world and divert it toward God — the Source of all that is peaceful, calming and positive. As we remember God and focus our attention at the third eye in meditation, the gateway to the spiritual regions, our soul is uplifted from the physical and embarks on the inner spiritual journey to connect with the love and Light of God.

Remembering God through meditation becomes a protective shield in this outer world. It helps us silence the thoughts that keep us attracted to this outer world and that distract us from our goal.


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