A shout-out for a shouting room

Latin cultures have always been emotive compared to their more stiff upper-lip counterparts. But even the land of LaLiga, Placido Domingo and Ole! is iffy about wearing its non-amorous heart, especially when confronting anxiety and sadness, on its sleeve. This is particularly true of Spanish men, where sharing one’s sorrows is seen as being weak. Enter La Lloreria, or The Crying Room, which consists of a room with a ‘Crying Corner‘ fitted with a bathtub, pack of tissues and a phone helpline (to mental health experts) – where you can metaphorically and literally cry your heart out without the stigma of coming across as being soft.

In India, crying or moaning about sorrows is not a problem. It can be considered a national pastime. But inspired by Spain‘s Crying Room, we could tackle our own cultural problem by setting up a room of our own. Every office could have a Shouting Room, a haven for yes men and women who can spill the beans, rage against workplace injustice and feudal lords as bosses, in a safe place without fear of retribution. The fear and stigma of speaking one’s own mind can translate into a workplace being a repository of ‘professional doormats’. To let out much of this accumulated steam, and for workers to not feel like complete cretins, a Shouting Room is worth a shout-out to ease doing business.


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