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A Study Reveals the Most in-Demand Job Positions in 2021

A Study Reveals the Most In-Demand Job Positions in 2021

The pandemic is something that has drastically affected unemployment rates. By the end of 2020, 1.72 million people were unemployed in the UK which was an increase of 1.2% compared to September 2019.

To find a way to stand out in such a competitive job market, there has been an increase in demand for training programs or courses from companies that provide CPD accreditation. The benefits of CPD go beyond giving you the knowledge and skills necessary to survive the present competitive job market, it also equips you with every necessary tool for maintaining the professional standard of your qualifications.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses and training programs give people the opportunity to specialize in a different industry, allowing them to pursue other careers for financial growth and try and develop in different career paths.

With the demand for accredited training programs increasing, how can that coincide with what the state of the UK job market currently looks like? This article uncovers the most popular job positions in 2021 according to an analysis carried out on below:

Registered Nurse

The COVID-19 pandemic came with an overwhelming demand for medical staff everywhere in the world. Doctors, nurses, health care assistants and other health workers have been at the frontline of combating the spread of the pandemic. Registered nurses are the most in-demand medical professionals in the UK.

Research showed that 4.32% of all roles advertised on Glassdoor UK are looking for a registered nurse. CPD activities may involve various means of active learning experiences to help develop the personal and professional qualities required to grow or start your nursing career.

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Proper hygiene practices are important in combating the spread of the pandemic. With this, many institutions and establishments have to meet up with safety measures enforced by the government. Therefore, there’s a high demand for the service of janitors to maintain cleanliness. CPD courses offer training programs for individuals who wish to be well-trained and provided with all the tools and equipment needed in the cleaning industry.

These qualifications are for anyone who wishes to work as a cleaner or needs a current job placement in the cleaning industry, no previous qualification is required.

Digital Marketing Representatives

Continuing Professional Development facilitates digital skills training, to increase employability, as well as improve opportunities for individuals who either are new to marketing or are experienced professionals. The closure of many businesses due to the pandemic brought about a surge in the launch of online stores.

Majorly because of economic crises caused by the lockdown. The growth in the digital marketing industry has opened up some marketing manager roles across the country. There are numerous digital marketing jobs available to those with relevant and up-to-date digital skills.


Since the pandemic, a lot of parents have to deal with the responsibility of taking care of their children while dealing with the stress of working from home. Child care services became a necessity for many families because of the increasing pressure of balancing work and home life. Private child care providers, such as nannies are in high demand and these roles are now more open than ever before. Anyone can choose a career in childcare by exploring CPD benefits comprising the latest childcare knowledge and nanny training courses.

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Private Tutor

Schools closed down in March 2020 and virtual learning became generally accepted as the new normal. But students miss classes due to many factors including lack of access to the right technology, service provider fault, family issues and other problems beyond their control.

Parents worried about their kids’ academic progress are ready to seek alternative means of learning for their kids. Hiring private tutors is in high demand, to make up for the learning deficit that might occur due to the difficulties with education in present times.

However, certain qualifications might be necessary. So, it is important to maximize the wide range of flexible CPD courses available for teachers to help keep up with the latest teaching practices and skill improvement.

Data Scientist

Data science is a growing service across several industries ranging from technology, healthcare, business, finance, marketing and others. Almost every job sector needs data science experts. Millions of companies are investing more in collecting data from their customers to improve results. Data science experts are needed to interpret data collected and apply them for business growth.

However, advanced education may be required to fit into this top high demand role. Some career options for a data scientist include; Machine Learning Engineer, Machine Learning Scientist, Application Architect, Data Architect, Data Engineer, Data Analyst and many more.

You can break into any of these fields by opting for the benefits of Continuing Professional Development certified courses. CPD certification is recognized by every professional body in almost all industries as proof of new practical skills acquired, opening you up to diverse career opportunities.

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