A Year of Growth for the European Videogame Sector

A Year of Growth for the European Videogame Sector

Thanks to the temporary closure for physical gambling halls and betting centers, the digital gaming sector has had a substantial increase, against all expectations for this 2020 which is now coming to an end. The data collected during the first 10 months of this period tell us of an exponential growth that has not occurred for a long time, in practice since online casinos had decided to focus on mobile technology, developing and implementing gaming apps for smartphones. and tablet.

The entire digital game supply chain has witnessed a real boom, deriving in part from word of mouth, from a lack of alternatives and from the fact that leisure and relaxation during free time has been equally divided into these macro areas: vision of movies, TV series and documentaries through online streaming portals, arcade, sports, strategy and shooter games, games and attractions that make up today’s current offer for online bingo where you can visit on the internet. The typical exaple on this is the Bingo.

As matter of fact Bingo online is one of the most simple and easy  to play game, anyone can access a bingo website and buy a card as the budget to spend s low and can be afford by a vast audience of peaple of any age and gender. In this specific feature bingo is probably the most democratic game among all gambling games.

Online bingo, especially in its classic version, has many points in common with traditional bingo. The most important is the number of balls (90 in both cases). If you want to try to get involved, opting for online bingo with 80 or 75 balls will give you a better chance of winning. The fact of having to proceed with the extraction from a small number of balls increases the chances of seeing a number appear on the purchased folder.

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Don’t forget, however, that the 90-number version of bingo is used to giving out bigger prize pools. The game phases are also practically identical to those foreseen by the bingo. It all begins with the assignment of folders, each consisting of a series of numbers. The draw will see each ball associated with a certain number. Several platforms dedicated to bingo are now available to play online offering the  users the ability to change the assigned cards; you can use it when the numbers present do not fully satisfy you. The task of extracting the balls is up to the “caller”; the numbers are also displayed on a special display, thanks to which you can monitor all those drawn up to a certain moment. The most famous platforms, and the virtual sites born recently, offer online bingo also in streaming mode. The latter allows you to watch live draws, increasing the adrenaline level of individual matches.

Gaming Industry Statistics

The percentages already during the second half of 2019 indicate that there has been a greater influx than in the past season, with a figure that has rewarded all the attractions that make up the digital game chain. In fact, the odds for the main games such as European and American roulette, blackjack and baccarat, for skill card games, the various slot machines with progressive jackpots, video poker, craps and so on have increased. Traffic arrives and draws from users who access directly from latest generation smartphones and tablets.

The World of Gaming Apps Between 2015 and 2020

Between 2015, when the gaming apps became operational up to the data that entirely covers the first half of 2020, we have in fact gone from 25% to 67-70% of users who log in via mobile device. The apps that were downloaded during 2020 belonging to the gaming sector, in its entirety are really many, it is no coincidence that the Google Play Store and App Store have decided to divide them according to genres, to the reference categories, to get a better picture precise on this type of phenomenon.

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Online gaming has been on the rise for some time, even if right after 2018 it seemed to have reached the phase of maximum expansion, in terms of percentage figures. During 2020, however, there was also a great return towards poker rooms, both for tournament poker and for its cash version, while snap versions of the game were introduced, as was also the case for the game of blackjack. .

How the Live Game Works

Blackjack, for example, is among the most popular and widespread games of skill for the digital casino supply chain, a sign that there can be fashions that last and change, also thanks to the role that these attractions can play within a gaming room. virtual game.

 Many sites have equipped themselves and today offer a very realistic game simulation, thanks to today’s technology that shows us the point of view, as happens in action and genre cinema, thanks to very compact cameras with high definition that works at the service of virtual gaming rooms. The online casino, especially the one in live mode, is increasingly in demand and popular, indicating how technology and innovation can make a difference. The same was said for the latest news regarding the possibility of playing in augmented reality through the use of viewers. A new frontier for digital gaming, which shows how there is synergy between the various sectors, from gaming to gambling, up to eSport, one of the absolute novelties of recent years, it is a game capable of mixing, effectively , sport and the world of videogames.

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Advantages of Online Live Play

For many live casino customers, being able to watch the dealer’s actions and movements is a crucial advantage. Especially for those gamers who doubt the integrity of the random number generator used in most gaming applications. Also, the video transmission slows the process down a bit, but that makes it even more exciting: you can’t sit still while watching how the cards are dealt or how the ball spins on the roulette wheel. Live dealers create the feeling of presence, which allows you to experience the thrills of being in a land-based casino.

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