If you use the internet here in Abu Dhabi, and let’s face it, if you’re reading this, you do – your broadband is about to get a lot faster. Twice as fast, in fact.

Last month Etisalat confirmed, out of the blue, that it will be giving free upgrades to everyone. That means whether you’re a business owner or just a Netflix user, you’re being given totally complimentary boosters to your latest boxset binge-slash-important businessy research.

Basically, it means if you had a basic eLife Starter package, you’ll be getting speeds up 100Mbps (with premium bundles boosting speeds up to between 500Mbps  and 1Gbps). Now, we’re no experts, but that sounds pretty fast to us.

And now du customers can get in on the action, and say farewell to the perennial wheel of video buffering.

The telecoms operator has announced that anyone who’s on a “Triple Play Home” offer will get a permanent boost to their broadband speeds, and the best bit is that it should have already happened.

“Triple Play” means that you’re on three home services from du – most likely TV, broadband and phone. So, it looks like getting that new smartphone recently has paid off.

“Enjoy non-stop entertainment at higher speeds than ever before,” du say in a statement.

So, let’s put that extra chunky, broader-than-ever broadband to work, shall we?

See how much faster you can stream this episode of Time Out Abu Dhabi Vlogs:


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