For the past eight years, I have prided myself on never having seriously damaged my iPhone. Maybe there’s been some simple wear and tear, but no cracked spiderweb screens or exposed innards. For many years, I even used my phone without a case: The rectangular iPhone 4s/5s designs are pretty sturdy! In 2016, I got an iPhone 7 and the thing felt dangerously light, so after noticing a scratch appear on the back, I put it in a cheap case. Still, it has served me faithfully for the last three years.

Given that ominous introduction, you can probably guess what happened to me on a walk to the subway this week. I went to pull my phone out of my left pocket, and it got snagged on the lip at the top of the pocket, sprang out of my hand, and dropped straight to the ground. The screen, duh, is very cracked.



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