Accountability at the workplace; managing yourself

Are you a victim or are you accountable? Geoff Turk, a senior leader in one of the organisations where I worked, observed, ‘Burnout only happens to those who let it happen to them… ignoring the pain they are going through. I know of many who are burned out, hate their jobs and yet they stick around. They believe their boss will change or work will shrink one fine day. These people are victims and refuse to take responsibility for resolving their issues…. Then there are others who engage in self-renewal, reframe their perspective or exit, for they know what is more important to them and why. They hold themselves accountable.’

Marshall Goldsmith, a renowned leadership coach, once told me, ‘If you are in a situation where you are not happy, try to find something to like about it. Look at the positives; don’t focus on the negatives. Maybe the work is good, or maybe the salary is, even though the boss isn’t your type. This realisation may free your mind from negativity and help you accept the present with peace. However, if the going gets tough, exit that situation….’

But we also know that taking responsibility is easier said than done. It requires courage and commitment to follow through. It is far easier to blame others and absolve yourself from taking any action.

From “Burnout: Beat Fatigue to Thrive in an Overworked World”


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