Activated form of vitamin D reduced severity of Covid infection: Study in Spain

Mumbai: A study in Spain has shown that high doses of calcifediol, an activated form of vitamin D, significantly reduced the need for ICU treatment of hospitalised Covid-19 patients.

The finding comes as the search intensifies for new antiviral, re-purposed and cheap drugs to treat patients with severe Covid-19.

According to the study published in ScienceDirect, 50 of 76 patients hospitalised with Covid-19 were treated with calcifediol and only one required to be admitted in ICU. All were discharged without complications. Of the remainder who did not receive the drug, 13 patients were admitted in ICU and two died.

“Our pilot study demonstrated that administration of a high dose of calcifediol or 25-hydroxyvitamin D, a main metabolite of vitamin D endocrine system, significantly reduced the need for ICU treatment of patients requiring hospitalisation due to proven Covid-19,” said Marta Entrenas Castillo of Reina Sofía University Hospital in Cordoba, the lead author of the study report.

Calcifediol appears to be able to reduce the severity of the disease, although larger trials with groups properly matched will be required to establish a definitive answer.

Presently, the only treatment for Covid-19 that has shown to reduce deaths is steroid dexamethasone. As the disease spreads across the world, a factor that’s intriguing doctors is its low mortality rate.


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