ActiveBrokerz Review – Trading Online Safely

ActiveBrokerz Review – Trading Online Safely

Unarguably, the financial market has influenced the smooth trading and investing of assets in our world today. What makes it vital is because it gives every trader and investors an understanding of the dangers and perils involved in the financial market. Regardless of the risk involved, the financial gain is quite unusual.

Every trader and investor in the market has the sole objective of making a significant profit. Because of this, the financial market demands cutting edge commitment, diligence, and careful analysis of trends by imploring the use of calculations and tools in all transactions. No investor wants to lose his or her money owning to taking an unreasonable risk. For myriads of reasons, the financial market is open for everyone irrespective of trading expertise or experience level.

People always search for distinctive exchange platforms that will suit their needs and fulfil their financial objectives. Different brokers in the financial market offer various tools and instruments for their clients.

A lot of assets brings good profit and revenues to traders and investors. These assets than can be traded are bonds, commodities, stocks, forex, and cryptos. Personal preference influences how traders and investors might choose to explore the financial market. In contrast, some prefer a specific asset to trade on; others might be open to most of the financial market’s assets.

Several brokerage firms exist, but getting a genuine, legitimate, and trusted platform hinders both traders and investors. Detailed and careful scrutiny is the solution to averting heartbreak and loss of funds in scam brokers’ hands.

Several of these unchecked scam brokers are committed to defrauding ignorant clients through mismanagement, unsecured platforms, and other innumerable financial irregularities. This unfortunate happening makes uneducated traders and investors lose faith in the financial market.

As a result, most smart and intelligent traders and investors have an understanding of the financial market by meticulously and diligently choosing a reputable brokerage firm. These sets of traders and investors employ calculated findings to ascertain the integrity of the brokerage firm. In the same vein, trusted brokers in the financial market diligently strive to offer a satisfactory trading experience to their traders and investors.

Choosing a reliable and trusted broker can be tasking as well as time-consuming. Therefore, we have eased this massive task by painstakingly reviewing the activities, benefits, and services of the genuine and reliable brokers in the financial market.

Below is a detailed review of the ActiveBrokerz platform.

A Quick Review of Activebrokerz

Trading platformWeb trader Mobile trader Meta trader 4
Trading AccountsBeginner Account, Intermediate Account, Expert Account. Demo & Live Trading Account.
Minimum deposit€250
Customer service24 hours
Parent CompanyActiveBrokerz
SecuritySSL, Know Your Customers (KYC), and the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies, 3D secure for all VISA exchanges.
Educational resourcesEbooks, articles, news, and webinars
Deposit currency optionsEuro (EUR), British pounds (GBP)
Language18 language options
Payment methodsDebit/credit cards, bank wire transfer, cryptos, maestro
Supported cryptosEthereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), ripple (XRP), Bitcoin cash (BCH), Dash, Moreno and more
Trading RestrictionScalping Policy
Trading ToolsEconomic Calendar, Technical Analysis, Online Academy, Forex Cross Rates, and Real-Time Chart

ActiveBrokerz is a brokerage platform that has gained credibility in crypto trading as well as other financial services. It has proven to be an experienced, reliable, and trusted broker in the financial market who provides exceptional services to traders and investors of the digital currency. ActiveBrokerz is a brokerage brand located in Grenadines by a team of professional traders who amassed a vast wealth of experience to create this brokerage platform. This expertise has established this broker with effective and efficient solutions to the issues that bother most traders and investors.

This broker has put the required tools and functionalities for a profitable and successful trading experience for both traders and investors in the industry. ActiveBrokerz provides an unparalleled approach to the trading of assets. Besides, it has earned many awards because of the excellent services they provide. This broker serves the global audience, and the platform is available in eighteen different languages of the world.

Trading platforms for the ActiveBrokerz clients include the mobile trader, the web trader, and meta trader 4. These trading platforms provide lots of tools, features, and functionalities that aids traders and investors to gain from their trading experience. To be eligible to trade on this platform, you must make a minimum deposit of £250. Moreover, various deposit options for clients are bank wire transfer, fiat currencies, or e-wallets. There is also acceptable for a deposit on the ActiveBrokerz platform.

Regardless of your trading expertise in the industry, ActiveBrokerz provides a whole range of trading account options. This broker proffers traders and investors with access to educational resources such as ebooks, videos, webinars, and much more.

ActiveBrokerz’s customer service provides 24 hours, support, and solution to their clients. The broker protects data transmission using SSL encryption technology. Consequently, ActiveBrokerz implements the Know Your Customers (KYC) and the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) international security policies. This broker is a regulated brokerage platform; as a consequence, it has gained the trust and confidence of its platform and services.

Special Services Offered by Activebrokerz

Trading of Cryptocurrency Assets

ActiveBrokerz has a specialty and viable point in crypto trading. ActiveBrokerz provides quality services to its clients in the industry, ensuring accessibility to prime digital currencies. The blockchain-powered Bitcoin has ushered in other crypto-assets into the trading platform because these virtual assets have a prospective profit margin.

Because of this, clients of ActiveBrokerz can trade in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and many more. Unarguably, cryptocurrency is the future of currencies. Therefore, traders and investors can rest assured of their investments’ longevity.

Regulations and Security

ActiveBrokerz is a regulated platform devoted to the rules given by the financial regulatory authorities in the financial market. Thus, the broker guarantees the security of the funds, investment, and data of clients. To ensure this, this broker protects the transmission of data between clients and servers by imploring the latest SSL encryption technology.

Additionally, the broker offers the responsibility of implementing the Know Your Customers (KYC) Security Policy, which demands the identification and authentication of clients using their identities and documents. This KYC is also a policy to combat cybercrime, money laundering, identity theft, and other innumerable financial irregularities.

Concerning this, this broker agrees to the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) international policy as a mechanism to fight the activities of money launderers and hackers. Owing to this regulation, each client provides essential documents for verification. Necessary documents required are Personal Identification Document (POI), Address Verification Document (POR), and Transfer Information, if applicable.

ActiveBrokerz is a diligent platform that ensures that clients never becomes the victim of misappropriation of funds or fraudulent activities of any kind. Because this broker takes the security of their clients seriously, they use encryption technology to establish for establishing an end to end encryption of data of clients. Their overall security measures meet and surpass the industry-standard requirements of many online brokerages.

The ActiveBrokerz’s Online Academy

Every trader and investor aims for profit maximization and generation of income. This broker aids traders in developing skills relevant to making informed trading decisions. There is also the provision of experienced advice on the process to take to make maximum returns.

ActiveBrokerz has created a platform for imparting knowledge on traders and investors on the latest trends in the financial market and means to reduce risk while trading. This online Academy provides video tutorials and resources that guide their clients on the events in the industry. The ActiveBrokerz online academy offers online webinars as well as interaction with professionals in the sector during live sessions.

This platform makes it a routine in carrying beginners along in the learning process. Consecutively, the broker makes experts and advanced account holders take more risk and a substantial amount of money on the platform, his central point. The broker ensures that clients make the right trading decisions to secure their investments. Market movements and conditions can be analyzed using technical signals to build an effective trading strategy for optimal profitability.

Speedy Process of Registration

Wastage of valuable time can be frustrating in the process of registration. Still, a smooth and speedy registration method is a boost to traders and investors whose interest lies with trends and price movements. It may be as a result of tedious and rigorous registration processes. ActiveBrokerz helps you to avoid such constraints. They are always giving you all opportunities for effective and efficient trading experience.

The provision of necessary information such as your first name, last name, and password ensures the completion of the registration process.

Trading Platforms

The ActiveBrokerz platform offers Web Trader, Mobile Trader, and Meta Trader 4. This broker is known for providing unique trading platforms to satisfy clients’ requirements and needs. Necessary tools and indicators are in these platforms, and more importantly, this platform boasts of dual trading versions comprising web-based and mobile-based versions.

The Web Trader

The development of the web-based version incorporates next-generation tools and functionalities. One can have accessed this from any compatible device while giving traders and investors a top-notch trading experience.

Mobile Trader

The use of mobile devices for trading and financial transactions is on the increase. This increasing number of mobile users has necessitated introducing a cutting-edge Mobile Trader through the deployment of advanced technology. The Mobile Trader highlights include multi-language support, daily account statement, real-time client account summary, an intuitive interface, and advanced charts.

Meta Trader 4

It is a reputable trading platform that renders a useful service to traders and investors. What makes it stand apart is because of the excellent features and facilities. Meta Trading 4 gives many advanced tools as well as an impressive and gorgeous user interface. This trading option has smoothened the trading experience of traders and investors in the trading industry by increasing efficiency and profitability.

Multiple Trading Accounts

The ActiveBrokerz brokerage platform provides an excellent and interactive and an interactive trading platform for its clients. The unique platforms include demo and live trading account options, the beginner account, the intermediate Account, and the expert account.

The demo account and the live Account are two complementary sets of excellent trading as they work together to give traders and investors a perfect trading experience.

The Demo Trading Account

This Account allows for specifically demo trades”. What characterizes the demo account are demo trades which are not real, but virtual. The utmost benefit of demo account trading is the relief of fear if losing funds. This absence of pressure enables traders to gain the confidence needed in the market place. All traders must test run new trade activities deliberately and outline the success of such trades before transacting with real stakes.

The Live Trading Account

The live trading account has the same features to the demo account except that all stakes on this Account are real. Live trading accounts are an upgrade to the demo account, and there is access for the withdrawal of profits withdrawn by the trader.

Traders and investors that wish to begin their trading adventure in the financial market have a consistent success history on the demo account before going live with trades.

Besides the demo and live account options available in the ActiveBrokerz platform, the other three live trading accounts that exist are below.

The Beginner Account

This Account has a minimum deposit of €250, and it is adequate for beginners and newbies in the financial market. Benefits enjoyed on this Account include access financial assets, free daily market research reports, and online live webinars.

The Intermediate Account

This trading account targets traders who are experienced and have surpassed the standard level of trading in the market, and have maneuvered notable risk in the market. The minimum value for this Account is €5,000. Benefits enjoyed by traders and investors on this trading account level include access to financial assets, free daily market research reports, online live webinars, access to a dedicated account manager who manages investment decisions. Clients of this broker have access to three months of access to an expert advisor, three one-on-one live sessions with an expert, and access to online academy access.

The Expert Account

This trading account is suitable for experts and professional traders and investors in the financial market. This Account comes with a minimum account value of €20,000. Also, traders and investors have access to top financial assets, free daily market research reports, online live webinars, and access to a dedicated account manager who assists in investment and business decisions.

In addition to this, both traders and investors enjoy access to unlimited one-on-one live sessions, unlimited access to an expert advisor, online Academy, and complete access to the broker’s live trading room.

With these multiple trading options, the ActiveBrokerz platform solves all the trading challenges for traders and investors.

Customer Service

ActiveBrokerz platform has a team of intelligent support system for traders and investors. These professionals care for clients by providing well-informed feedback for questions asked. If a given customer care support does not successfully resolve a given query, another agent will take the problem and solve it. The trader or investor can reach the customer care service agents through email telephone, the office address of the broker, or by using Contact Us form on the website.

Educational Resources

The ActiveBrokerz platform understands the importance for traders and investors to improve on their knowledge in the financial market. Also, it provides an understanding of digital currencies for clients. Education is a vast requirement for successful trading experience by traders and investors. The educational resources give an insight into the design of the platform. The resources on this brokerage platform aid in the simplification of trading assets.

Trading tools available in this platform include economic Calendar, forex, cross rates, analysis tools, and real-time charts.

Clients of the ActiveBrokerz platform offer access to webinars, ebooks, news, and articles to educate clients on the fundamentals of the crypto trading platform.

Payment and Withdrawal Methods

The process of making deposit and withdrawal of funds on the ActiveBrokerz platform is easy and straightforward. The broker makes provision for various ways traders and investors can make deposits and withdrawals.

Clients make deposits in several ways, including Debit or Credi Cards, bank wire transfer, cryptocurrencies, and much more. The simplicity and ease of withdrawal process offered by ActiveBrokerz are exceptional. Besides, it doesn’t take a long time to complete the process.


ActiveBrokerz is one of the outstanding cryptocurrency brokers in the industry. This broker bestows effective and efficient trading activity with their registration, divest account types, and general usability.

Being an investor or trader in the financial market, investing with ActiveBrokerz is a gorgeous and excellent choice. It is because there is the security of your investment funds as well as profitable trading experience.

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