Affiliate Marketing in Tech – How It’s Fueling Startups

Affiliate Marketing in Tech - How It's Fueling Startups

Within the last two decades, due to the internet, a lot of industries have changed. Movies, shopping, communication, TV shows – all sorts of different fields which were seemingly pretty well-established and defined, have been absolutely disrupted by the internet, and now have evolved to completely different and superior forms.

Marketing is definitely no exception to this rule. In fact, if there’s one field that drastically benefitted from the advance of the internet, it was definitely Marketing, and it’s in large part due to affiliate marketing.

Explained in very simple terms, affiliate marketing refers to an arrangement where an online website or a retailer pays a separate, different company or individual a fee for driving traffic which results in sales to their product. After becoming more common and wide-spread, affiliate marketing has proven to be one of the most successful, profitable and productive tools that were a direct result of the internet.

How exactly has affiliate marketing benefitted the Marketing process in general? What are some specific manifestations, and what are their reasons?

Increased Versatility

Perhaps the biggest benefit that Affiliate marketing has brought in the marketing world is the flexibility and versatility that it allows for the promotion of various products.

Due to the internet’s wide outreach and access to huge amounts of data, it allows us to reach out to people and offer them exactly what they want. This allows for a very simplified process for the industries that are more complicated to market to.

According to Tina Richardson, the marketing head of Playamo casinos in the UK, gambling advertisements and marketing has always been very complex and hard, due to the social and financial ramifications that come with it. Thanks to affiliate marketing and the simplified, focused and narrowed-down approach that it allows, they are able to approach and pitch mass amounts of people with much more relevant offers, and something that they’re interested in. Playamo sign up bonus was one of their most successful affiliate marketing campaigns. A lot of gambling-related blogs and websites were able to drive traffic to them, as they have their own following that trusts them, and based on their endorsement and recommendation, new players have gotten a chance to be referred to a casino that their favorite blogs and gambling authorities trust, while receiving a head-start as well. This is the power of affiliate marketing, as it allows the win-win situations for all parties.


Marketing, before the internet days, was extremely expensive. It still is, and some big companies spend mind-boggling amounts of money on it, but it’s infinitely better today. Beyond the product quality and word of mouth, if you wanted to really promote your product, you had to shell out a lot of money. And by lot, we really do mean a lot, and it was mostly reserved for bigger companies with a lot of capital and employees. It wasn’t uncommon for companies to have dozens upon dozens of people in the marketing department, all working together on promoting a single product, during which projects sometimes took months on end.

Sales and phone marketing was also an indispensable part of the whole process, and many of us may remember the days where getting cold-called by salespeople was a daily norm (It still is today, to some degree, but to a much smaller one).

With the birth and spread of affiliate marketing, a lot of companies are now given a chance to have their own product promoted without having nearly as many expenses on huge departments of employees. This is essentially done by connecting a company, which needs their services and products promoted, with a marketer, who has free time and necessary skills to promote any product and is in need of money. Again, a win-win situation for both parties.

Increased Outreach

Another great advantage of affiliate marketing is the scale and size of the markets that it can cover. Due to the global nature of the internet, you’re free to reach out to anyone, no matter where they are in the world. Depending on the product and service that you offer, you’re not even limited by the distance when it comes to delivering your service or product.

Also, by partnering with affiliate marketers, you’re automatically given access to their audience and broadening your horizons dramatically. Depending on the format of their medium of promotion, as well as its size, you may gain access to millions of potential customers in a span of just several days.

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