RChain was affected by a major boost a day ago, which caused RHOC to skate ahead. Now, RHOC is back at #146, with a reduction rate of 64% associated with it.

Wanchain is ranked at #87 on coinmarketcap. For now, WAN is priced at $0.508321. The trading volume recorded is $41.013 million, whereas the supply has 106,152,493 WAN coins in play. Do observe that these tokens aren’t mineable. The total market cap of Wanchain is $53.959 million. A growth rate of 81.80% had aided in the rise of Wanchain.

Wanchain is quite popular on Twitter, with over 100k followers. Thus, this surge might have been as a result of genuine interest from fresh buyers.

0x is ranked at #50 in the market. The price climbed at a rate of 13.89% in a matter of hours. The trading volume recorded is $25.898 million, whilst the supply has 600,475,853 ZRX tokens involved. Currently, the total market cap of 0x is $119.005 million. ZRX is priced at $0.198185.

Ravencoin is placed at #40 in the market, ahead of BitTorrent. Ravencoin had a boost rate of 11.92%, which brought RVN up to $0.039884. This year has been particularly good for Ravencoin so far, as the ROI is headed north. The trading volume recorded is $28.462 million, whereas the supply has 4,263,445,000 RVN coins in circulation. The total market cap of Ravencoin is $170.042 million.

Ardor [placed at #81 on coinmarketcap] rose at a rate of 9.26% which brought the price up to $0.062955. The present market cap of ARDR is $62.891 million.



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