US President Donald Trump landed in India on February 24 for the first time after being elected to the high-office in November 2016. India made elaborate security arrangements before Trump’s arrival but the United States took extra measures with different technologies to ensure the safety of the highest level.

Air Force One aircraft landed in Ahmedabad on Monday carrying the US President and his family. The Boeing plane has been created by the state-of-the-art amalgamation of its 747-200B commercial aircraft. It consists of hardened electronics and communications equipment for protection against any electromagnetic pulse.

The aircraft uses multi-frequency radios for air-to-air, air-to-ground as well as satellite communications and the defence system is kept classified. Air Force One is believed to have radar jammers and fire-shield to detect and deter missile and rockets. The aircraft is reportedly even capable of starting a nuclear war in the worst-case scenario.

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After Trump landed in Ahmedabad and was received by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he rode the US Presidential limousine, nicknamed the ‘Beast’. The Cadillac has an 8-inch thick body armour plating and bulletproof windows, insulating the President from any imminent threat. The assassination of former President John F Kennedy forced the United States to pull out all stops to make the vehicle virtually impenetrable.

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Trump’s limousine is considered the safest car in the world and is transported by the Air Force One along with the US President everywhere he travels. The limousine has heavy electrified doors and five-layered windows and can even withstand chemical attacks. It is equipped with a satellite phone with a direct line to the Pentagon and the Vice President in case of any sudden threat. It also boasts of oxygen supply, panic button and firefighting system.

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Nuclear ‘Football’

US President’s bodyguards move with the so-called nuclear ‘football’ bag which is capable of launching a nuclear attack from any part of the world. The black briefcase is believed to have a nuclear device with a secret code that can launch a nuclear strike anywhere in the world.

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