Air rage could well be the latest rage

We know (of) road rage. We also know about bad behaviour of airline passengers. (Incidentally, when did we segue from calling them ‘aeroplanes’?) But as more people return to taking flights as a mode of transport, air rage is becoming the latest rage. And it isn’t just desis on international flyers tanked up courtesy those mini-bottles. Tempers are fraying all over. Even as we recall flight staff being heckled, abused and manhandled by irate domestic travellers – after learning of a flight being cancelled, no fruit juice left, etc – post-Covid, flying has removed a spring from the hair-trigger. A fellow passenger wearing his mask on his chin, or another refusing to sit down while take-off or landing after being freed from his WFH box, or that lady giving you her son’s life history simply because she is finally going to see him after two years…. All trigger points.

But you can be calm – and be protected from the potential meltdown that can occur around you inside a cabin. As veteran anti-social air travellers have known for years, putting on a pair of earphones and/or your nose deep inside a book can cancel out the tense in-flight or in-airport mob. While airline staff have to be extra patient dealing with pent-up travellers, you can also maintain social distancing by, frequently, loudly coughing – under your mask or face shield, of course.


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