Aldi, Lidl and Morrisons spark supermarket steak price war with prime cuts from £4 each

THREE supermarkets are going head to head over steak prices ahead of Father’s Day this weekend.

Lidl, Aldi and Morrisons are offering deals on their range of high-end beef products for the celebration, which is on Sunday, June 21.

 Aldi's specially selected Wagyu ribeye steak is on sale for £6.99


Aldi’s specially selected Wagyu ribeye steak is on sale for £6.99Credit: Aldi

Morrisons’ steak prices – which are the cheapest as they start from £4 – remain unchanged but they are offering a two different steaks for £7 deal.

Meanwhile Aldi has increased its price of its Big Daddy steak from 453g to 794g to compete with Lidl.

The 453g steak was previously £4.99 and on sale earlier this year. The new 794g steak, called the ‘Bigger Daddy’ extra thick British rump steak, costs £7.99.

Lidl’s new Delmonico prime rib steak is less expensive at £6.99 but it weighs 454g – a total of 340g less.

Both the Delmonico steak and Aldi’s Bigger Daddy steak will hit shelves tomorrow (June 18).

The full range of steaks on offer at Morrisons include the single sirloin and rib eye steaks (200g packs) for £4 each and two flat iron steaks (365g), two bavette steaks (350g), two beef medallions (340g) and two Denver steaks (300g) for just £4 each.

The deal includes two of the special steaks listed above for £7 altogether. It is running online until January 24 next year.

Separately, you can get five sizzle steaks in a 350g pack for £3.50.

You can find your nearest Morrisons using the store locator tool.

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Aside from the Delmonico steak, Lidl is selling a steak selection pack (1.4kg), which includes two fillet steaks, two sirloin steaks, two rump steaks and two ranch steaks, for £14.99.

 Lidl is selling a Delmonico thick cut prime rib steak for £6.99 and a steak selection pack for £14.99


Lidl is selling a Delmonico thick cut prime rib steak for £6.99 and a steak selection pack for £14.99Credit: Lidl

We’ve asked Lidl how much it would cost to purchase the steaks in the selection pack separately and will update this article when we hear back.

To find your nearest Lidl, use the store locator tool.

And Aldi is also offering a large steak with a range of other steaks on offer.

What steaks do the supermarkets have on offer?

Lidl, Aldi and Morrisons have all competitively priced their steaks ahead of Father’s Day this weekend. Here are the deals they are offering ahead of the celebration.


  • Deluxe Dry Aged Hereford Rib Eye steak £3.99
  • Delmonico Thick Cut Prime Rib steak £6.99
  • Steak selection pack £14.99


  • Specially Selected Wagyu Rump steak £5.99
  • Specially Selected Wagyu Sirloin steak £6.49
  • Specially Selected Wagyu Ribeye steak £6.99
  • Specially Selected Wagyu Fillet steak £7.49
  • Bigger Daddy’ Extra Thick British Rump steak £7.99


  • British Beef Sizzle Steak £3.50
  • Rib eye £4
  • Sirloin £4
  • Flat iron steak £4
  • Beef medallions £4
  • Bavette steak £4
  • Denver steak £4
  • Sirloin two pack £7

The supermarket is selling a range of steaks in its specially selected range, including a Wagyu sirloin steak (227g) for £6.49, a Wagyu rump steak (227g) for £5.99, a wagyu ribeye steak (227g) for £6.99 and a Wagyu fillet steak (170g) for £7.49.

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Find your nearest Aldi using its store locator tool.

All the other steaks are on offer in stores now.

Several retailers are giving Father’s Day offers as well this week.

Iceland is selling a 1lb ‘Big Daddy’ cheeseburger for just £3.

Meanwhile Co-op is doing a deal where you can buytwo pizzas and 4-pack of beer for £5.

And Aldi is also selling 99p garlic bread pizzas that shoppers say ‘taste just like Domino’s’.

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