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BuDo you believe that we will get to see the aliens in 2021? Because now there are new claims that some kind of alien tech had already visited the earth in 2017. A Harvard Professor has revealed in his upcoming book about ‘Oumuamua‘, an odd object that was seen in our solar system, four years ago. Avi Loeb, Harvard’s Department of Astronomy is publishing a book called ‘Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth‘. In here he talks about an object that flew into the solar system and calls it alien debris, a proof of life outside this planet. In a recent UFO sighting update, several people saw a blue object mysteriously disappearing into Hawaii’s ocean.

Loeb’s book will be out on January 26 but in here he has laid out an emphasis on the alien debris, which was not just any other rock in the solar system. In September 2017, an object traveled towards us from the direction of nearby star Vega. It intercepted with the orbital plane on Sept 6, 2017. After a month, it shot past before the Earth. This object was spotted by an observatory in Hawaii with their Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System (Pan-STARRS) telescope. This object was dubbed as ‘Oumuamua’. Remember, Israeli ex-chief’s mention of alien base on the planet?

What is Oumuamua?

It was the first interstellar object detected in our solar system. It was also being called the aliens spacecraft. Astronomers concluded it was not impacted by gravity of the sun. So it suggested that it was just traveling on its own. Some scientists initially claimed that this object was a comet but Loeb believes it was a sign of life outside the planet. He argues that the object in shape of a cigar isn’t typical for any natural space object. Plus it was unusually bright, about ten times more than a typical comet he mentions.

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Loeb has analysed all of these factors to conclude that it was alien tech. He also states that people dismiss the notion of extraterrestrial life too quickly or it is tabooed. “Some people do not want to discuss the possibility that there are other civilizations out there,” he says. He calls it discarded tech of alien civilization. But says that he could be wrong too. “The only way to look for [alien civilizations] is to look for their trash, like investigative journalists who look through celebrities’ trash,” he says. His book on extraterrestrial life is about to release on January 26.

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