Trade Show Booths, Exhibits, Designs, & Types before Experiencing Your First Expo

For any business that is looking forward to growing their chances for possible future expansion and unlock new doors of opportunities, a tradeshow or an expo is absolutely a magnanimous experience. They are great for networking, letting the word out for your ventures, meet new people and prospects, and form new alliances and affiliations. However, there is a lot that goes into managing a proper exhibit when it comes to your first tradeshow which is why in this post we would like to offer you help. When it comes to designs and different types of booths, stalls, and other accessories, this small guide will help you identify them and choose some of the very best variations for your own personal and individualized touches to create a unique booth and stall for your own business. So let’s begin:

Popular Types of Exhibit Designs

Dedicated Environments

These types of booths or displays are usually focused on creating an ambience for the brand suited for each individual need which can vary from one organization to another. The idea is to create an environment which is usually an acquired place with permission from authorities obviously to put up displays that truly speak out volumes for the brand and the event as a whole. There is no particular format as it can interchange according to preferences. In general, it can be a mix of the following items as per individual liking and is suspect to change from one company to another:

  • Larger than life displays, pop-ups, panel exhibits, hybrids, truss, tension fabrics, wall & ceiling hangers, graphic tents/canopies, pipe & drapes, banner stands, etc.
  • A comfortable seating area, upholstery, cinematic arrangement of seats facing towards a larger digital or projector screen, etc.
  • Private presentation rooms, meeting desks, display counters, isolated spaces,   
  • Backlit towers with custom branding, moving towers, LED screens, and LCDs.
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Modular Inline Exhibit

Also known as a linear style of exhibit design and they are quite standard with a simple structure since the entirety of the booth follows a straight line. They usually focus on the audience standing at the front of the display. Most of their components are compact, lightweight, and easy to carry so it means they can be transported as well as have significantly lower storage cost when compared to other designs on our list. They may involve shelves, flat screens, and big graphical banners to display the brands adequately.

Island Exhibits

While a custom tradeshow island design is probably being revived as of now and becoming a more popular choice for many tradeshow participants out there, you need to understand the value it offers before you make a personal decision on this one. Their biggest advantage is that it leaves an open space for crowds and visitors to enter and exit the booth from all four sides. Hence at its very basic, it offers you an open floor plan, reducing unnecessary clutter while making space for traffic to build up. Island exhibits are generally customized to suit your needs and preference hence there is no defined format for the design. Like dedicated environments mentioned on the top of our list, it leaves a huge room for your imagination and inkling to use a mix of items for your branding needs.

Peninsula Exhibits

They are similar to island exhibit design however as the name implies, one of its sides is shared with another exhibitor or placed against a wall. Hence 3 out of 4 of its side are accessible for the crowd and visitors to enter and exit any way they want. Only one side is close and also serves as the primary side for all of your branding and corporate imaging needs. Again, there are various ways to create your own customized outlook for the exhibit based on your preferences. In short, a peninsular is 75% like an Island exhibit design and 25% like a modular/liner exhibit design.

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Common Branding Accessories Used At Tradeshows

Banner Stands/Retractable/Interchangeable

Versatile and come in various shapes and sizes. Often considered as a staple by tradeshow marketers, retailers, and organizers of such said events since they are much cheaper and cost-effective as well as portable. They are easy to customize and can display custom made graphics. Retractable banner stands offer you the added convenience to neatly roll the unit into its base on which it stands. Interchangeable banner stands are another variety in this category where display graphics can be swapped and are also known as cassette-style banner stands.

Fabric Banners

High quality, good for both outdoors & indoors, and mostly use push-fit fabric to display graphics. They are easy to set up and effortless to carry due to their aluminium extrusion frames.

Hanging Structures

They come in various shapes, sizes, and designs suited to meet your branding needs. In general, they are comprised of aluminium frames that are covered with pillowcase graphics. Popular shapes include rings, pinwheels, shields, and squares. Their basic functionality allows them to be hanged from the ceiling, making sure that they are not too high to avoid the eye of the visitors completely, neither are they set too low so as to add the inconvenience of bumping into them uncontrollably. 

Table Covers

Simplistic in design as the name implies, they are basically graphics printed on a material (usually a polyester cloth) that can be used to cover a table. Great for brands looking for tabletop display options. Also known as table runners, they can be used to print custom made graphics through dye sublimation or silk screen printing methods.    

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Tension Fabrics

They are made up of collapsible frames along with graphics displayed on a piece of fabric while making sure that they are adequately stretched and laid over the frame to create picturesque backdrops. The fabric is often tied to the frame similar to a pillowcase or applied to the base frame through a Velcro.

We hope this post was able to offer you some great insights regarding the variety of common and popular exhibit types and accessories that are used today to gratify the needs of different companies for their branding requirements. If you have any further questions or queries regarding the topic please feel free to share with us your views in the comment section below. 


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