Amazon Echo fans have yet another sale offering the chance to buy one of these smart speakers at a discounted price.

This latest ‘limited time’ sale began on Thursday with Amazon slashing the cost of some of its most popular devices.

There’s no word on how long this event is going to last but there’s some very good deals on the Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show.

Amazon is also giving customers the option to pay for these intelligent music makers in monthly instalments making them even more affordable. 

So, if you have been thinking about investing in an Echo, here’s some of the best deals on offer from Amazon.

AMAZON ECHO – This popular device is now just £69.99 which saves £20 off the usual price.

There’s also the option to buy this speaker interest-free with customers paying £14 per month over five months.

ECHO DOT – The smaller and cheaper Echo Dot can be picked up for £34.99 – that’s a saving of £15.

Like the standard Echo you can also pay this entry-level speaker interest-free with customers paying £7 per month over five months.

ECHO SPOT – The Echo Spot is just like a standard speaker but comes with a small display.

This device is now on sale for £99 – saving £20 – again you pay for this device over a five-month period.

ECHO SHOW – You’ll also find the larger Echo Show, which includes a 10-inch screen, on sale for £189.99 which saves £30.

Although Amazon hasn’t confirmed when these deals will end it is stating on its website that these are limited time deals which means they may not be around for long.

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If you’ve just invested in an Echo, or already own one, here’s 15 things to ask Alexa.

Here’s an original way to celebrate Father’s Day. Just say, “Alexa, tell me a dad joke.”


Alexa, give me a tip for supporting wildlife in the garden.”

Alexa, play the Jonas Brothers’ new album from Amazon Music.”

Alexa, give me some Love Island lingo.”

Alexa, what should I NOT do for Father’s Day?”

Alexa, tell me about the film Men in Black: International.”

Alexa, open Virtual Vacation.”
Experience a holiday in London, New York, a Thai jungle and more without leaving the comfort of your home thanks to realistic and authentic soundscapes.

Alexa, remind me to buy a gift for dad.”

Alexa, tell me something about a weird animal.”

Alexa, what are smart home groups?”

Alexa, tell me a Pride fact.”

Alexa, play Pop Quiz.”

Alexa, are you ready to rock?”

Alexa, give me a tip for festival goers.”

Alexa, help my kids sleep.”



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