Amundi adds to ESG ETF range with China and EM ex-China equities ETFs

The Amundi MSCI Emerging ex-China ESG Leaders Select UCITS ETF DR and the Amundi MSCI China ESG Leaders Select UCITS ETF DR have been listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The new ETFs both apply exclusion filters to companies involved in controversial activities, including tobacco, weapons and thermal coal, and also select the top 50% of companies in each sector by ESG score.

They are classified as Article 8 under SFDR regulation and each ETF has an ongoing charge of 0.35%.

Amundi appoints new head of marketing and products

Amundi partnered with AllianceBernstein to develop and launch the core emerging market equity ESG exposures.

David Hutchins, portfolio manager of multi-asset solutions at AllianceBernstein, said: “Integrating consistent ESG considerations into all of our investments within our multi-asset portfolios, including our target date funds widely used by UK DC plans, is fundamentally important to the way we and our clients think.

“In addition, we no longer think that China should be considered as an emerging market and a more sophisticated approach is needed to the world’s second-largest economy, which increasingly shares little in common with the emerging markets it is often bucketed with.”

ESG is integrated in more than $456bn of assets managed by AllianceBernstein.

Gaëtan Delculée, global head of ETF, indexing and smart beta sales at Amundi, added: “We are delighted with our partnership with AllianceBernstein, which illustrates our commitment to providing ongoing dialogue with clients and responding to their individual needs. As a dedicated partner and responsible investing leader, we believe it is incumbent upon us to guide and support our clients throughout their ESG journey.”


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