An Essay Sample On Weather

An Essay Sample On Weather

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The term weather introduces to the weaving situations of the environment, the band of air that encloses the Earth. The Weather refers to daily temperature and impetuosity venture, whereas climate is the session for the statistics of meteorological conditions over more distant periods. The weather essay can influence us in several ways like hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards, which can cause the lives of countless people when it comes to destruction. The average weather in a distinct area, as well as its changes and climaxes over multiple years, is known as climate. If we talk about the main components of weather, then it would be atmospheric pressure, temperature, wind, humidity, and precipitation. 

Fluctuations in climatic pressure sign variations in the weather. A high-pressure system usually produces cold temperatures and bright azures. A low-pressure system can cause hurricanes, hotter weather, and rain. The term atmospheric pressure comes in a measurement unit that can be described as the atmosphere. Atmospheric pressure can be measured in three units. In the first unit, the average atmospheric pressure is about the one atmosphere (about 1,013 millibars, or 29.9 inches). In the second unit, which is known as cyclone, it’s about 995 millibars or 29.4 inches. In the last unit called the anti-cyclone system, it can reach 1,030 millibars or 30.4 inches. 

The term, altitude also plays a pivot role in the weather change. High altitudes produce much lower atmospheric pressure. If we talk about Mount Kilimanjaro, the weather at the bottom is hot, while at the top, it’s very cool. Variations in temperature and atmospheric pressure cause movement in the air. The flow of wind is from colder areas to hotter regions.

Another phrase in weather, humidity describes the quantity of water condensation in the air. Humidity is the percentage of the maximum quantity of liquid air that can endure at a given temperature. Air cannot hold more water vapor at the relativistic humidity of 100 percent. In our atmosphere, what indicates the presence of weather? It’s cloud patterns that produce most of the weather like cold snaps, humidity, rain, heat waves, and cloudiness. If we talk about high-pressure systems, they keep condensation from spreading into the environment and producing clouds.

But, what plays the most prominent role in the weather? Thanks to the weather forecast that has been a blessing for farmers and other persons. In the field of agriculture, its all depend on the accurate forecasting, so that farmers can do their planting and harvesting. In the 17th and 18th century, weather forecasting became more accurate, when they invented the thermometer and the barometer.

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