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Android Auto and CarPlay are both super-helpful applications that upgrade the infotainment experience in a car, bringing essential apps like navigation and music players right on the head unit.

And while these products come from two technology giants, namely Google and Apple, respectively, this doesn’t necessarily mean everything is working just flawlessly for all people out there.

Android Auto, for example, is far from providing the refined experienced users expect to get when connecting their Android phones to a head unit, while CarPlay, despite generally more refined than its Google sibling, seems to be struggling with more and more problems.

One of the most recent causes a behavior that happened in the Android Auto world too: the audio is now sent to the phone’s speakers and not to the car’s, essentially making it impossible to listen to music when CarPlay is running on the screen.

Needless to say, the generic workarounds don’t seem to make any difference, so if you were thinking of restarting the iPhone or trying out another cable, you can do both of them but the likelihood of fixing anything is extremely low.

Some users on reddit claim the whole thing is happening after installing the latest beta build of iOS, and yes, we know what you’re thinking: it’s a beta and that’s what betas do. That’s correct, but in this case, some say the problem has been around since at least iOS 13.3, and sending the audio to the car’s speakers is something they just had to get used to.

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For the time being, it’s not yet known if Apple is working on a fix or not, but another major iOS update is expected to go live next week. iOS 14.4 will include several big changes for iPhones, as well as a minor fix for CarPlay, restoring the default resuming behavior for audio stories in the News app when the playback is interrupted by navigation or Siri.


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