Anita Dobson: Actress on 'nightmare' health condition – 'I wish never to go back'

Talking about her own need to stay fit and healthy, Anita has previously revealed that she has no desire to be constantly in the gym.

The star, who appeared in Strictly Come Dancing in 2011, said: “I think you can do as much damage to yourself going to the gym and running as you do good. So my mission in life is just to keep myself ‘good’ – in good health, as fit as I can be, a little bit of stretching, and just think positive and enjoy life.

“The last place you’ll find me is the gym. It seems to me to be a waste of time – I could spend that time doing so many other things.

“I got extremely fit and slim while I was on Strictly, but I did find that each week a different part of my body hurt – it really makes you realise the hard work dancers have to put in and how fit they have to be.”


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