Announcing the Formation of the Digital Currency Trade Association (DCTA)

Washington, DC, Nov. 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) The Digital Currency Trade Association (DCTA) has launched a membership trade association focused on the new digital asset economy. The DCTA is organized as a “business association” under IRS tax law 501(c)(6) and the goal is to organize and educate on the benefits of blockchain technology. This is intended to be an inclusive organization representing the interests of all those in the chain of custody or with a financial interest the future of digital currency and assets.

One of the main goals of the new trade association is to work closely with both the policymakers and regulators in striving to develop clearer guidelines for digital token creation. The DCTA will encourage the key stakeholders in the ecosystem to work together to achieve this common goal.

Right now, many blockchain and token economic activities are forming outside of the U.S. due to uncertainty in the industry, therefore this new organization has been formed to educate and meet with Members of Congress and the Administration to forestall this trend.

The DCTA’s membership will establish best practices for digital currency holders and all of the entities that are involved in this emerging industry. The DCTA is accepting applications for membership from digital currency entities, including but not limited to financial institutions, start-ups, operators of digital currencies, holders of digital currencies, software companies and issuers of initial coin offerings and security token offerings, and other digital asset classes. A fly-in for meetings with D.C. decision makers is tentatively scheduled for January of 2019.

The newly appointed Executive Director, Manny Alicandro said, “I am excited to be with an organization that will be the tip of the spear in Washington, D.C. to create a more cooperative and collaborative environment atmosphere with regulators and legislators for digital currency holders and all who have a financial interest in the blockchain business model.”

Former Sen. Rand Paul staffer Brian Darling, former House staffer Beau Rothschild and former Sen. Conrad Burns staffer Brett Scott are working with a new lobbying and public relations firm Darling, Rothschild and Scott to help set up the new organization and will be the boots-on-the-ground in D.C. working decision makers on behalf of the DCTA.

The founding members of the DCTA are the following: Enzo Villani and Michael Terpin of Transform Group, Velocity Ledger, Alt5Sigma, Swarm Fund, XREX, Y2X, Delaware Board of Trade, Blockchain Revolution, and Bitcoin Generation.

Brian Darling,– 202-805-0364
Website: Digital Currency Trade Association –


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