Apple cocktails will spice up your Thanksgiving lineup, with or without alcohol – The Washington Post

I’m highlighting two recipes here, one big and boozy, one light and crisp, but I wanted to make sure to include nondrinkers: The spiced cider syrup is highly flexible and can as easily flavor a nonalcoholic drink as it does the Old-Fashioned riff here. Try a few ounces mixed with iced tea, a spicy ginger ale, or a sparkling nonalcoholic wine or cider. (It does call for Angostura bitters, which are alcoholic, but they make up a small proportion of the recipe, and the alcohol is further reduced by the cooking process. However, if even a trace of alcohol is a concern, you can instead add two toasted cinnamon sticks, a half teaspoon each of toasted allspice berries and cloves, and a teaspoon of grated fresh ginger to the cider and brown sugar as it reduces to syrup. Just strain out the solids before bottling.)


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