Some Apple iPhone users last week started complaining about an issue with the iOS 12.1.2 that prevented them to connect to cellular data. While the users are waiting for a fix to arrive or Apple to give a word on it, a new issue has popped up in the same version this time that is breaking Wi-Fi as well.

The iOS 12.1.2, as reported by Forbes, the broken Wi-Fi issue is not for a new set of iPhone users. Many who are already facing an issue with the cellular data are facing this Wi-Fi issue as well. Users from the US, Europe and Asia are found complaining about the problem on Twitter and other social media websites. Most of them have tweeted to Apple’s Support handle for a solution.

“@AppleSupport your latest iOS 12.1.2 is a garbage fire. WiFi and phone calls don’t work… Plz revert back or fix your shit. Thank you,” says one of the users. “@AppleSupport My iPhone is having cellular and WiFi connection issues since I updated to iOS 12.1.2 !!! What a waste of time and money!!” tweeted another.

Even iPhone users from India are facing this issue. One of them named Sateesh Madala tweeted “@AppleSupport after update of my phone to latest iOS 12.1.2 i’m facing serious connectivity issue for both mobile data, calls and wi-fi connection.. fix this problem soon as it is very disappointing to use the phone.”

Apple is yet to give a word on the matter however, we expect the firm to bring a solution to this with iOS 12.1.3 version, which for now is in beta version.

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If you are already on iOS 12.1.2 and are facing issue with cellular data, one of the YouTubers has found a temporary solution. It has been mentioned that one can try to disable the Wi-Fi connectivity via the Cellular menu from inside the Settings app. The YouTuber adds that in case this particular solution doesn’t work, you can open the Cellular Data Options on the same screen followed by ‘Enable LTE’ tab and changing it to ‘Data only’ instead of ‘Voice and data’.



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