Apple replaces key marketing SVP Phil Schiller with Greg Joswiak

Having worked for Apple since 1987 — several years into the Macintosh era and nearly a decade before Steve Jobs returned to the then-troubled company to reverse its troubled fortunes — Phil Schiller subsequently became one of the company’s most prominent executives, leading Apple’s global marketing efforts as a Senior Vice President, and ultimately becoming head of the multi-billion-dollar App Store. Today, Apple announced that longtime marketing VP Greg Joswiak will replace Schiller in the role, and Schiller will become an Apple Fellow, consulting for the company for “as long as they will have me.”

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It’s hard to overstate Schiller’s importance to Apple during the eras of CEOs Jobs and Tim Cook, both behind the scenes and in front of cameras. When Jobs sought a name for the then-unreleased all-in-one Macintosh that was eventually named “iMac,” he presented Schiller’s Sony-inspired alternative — “MacMan” — as an alternative to challenge advisers to do better, with their marketing collaboration ultimately leading to Apple’s successful series of “i”-prefix products. Schiller then became one of relatively few Apple executives to personally present new products at media events, and was frequently quoted as a key internal source in its press releases as new computers and devices transitioned from rumors to reality.

As contrasted with operational wizard Cook, Schiller evoked a Jobs-like sense of California cool, and is credited by Apple with guiding both products and marketing for the past 30 years. In 2015, he took over responsibility for the App Store from iCloud chief Eddy Cue in an apparent effort to address developer concerns over the iPhone and iPad’s exclusive software store. While the App Store has continued to face serious criticisms from developers, including antitrust concerns, Schiller’s team was more responsive and communicative with developers regarding some issues, while continuing to let others percolate for overly extended periods of time.

Prior to replacing Schiller in the Senior VP role, Greg Joswiak served as a marketing lead for various Apple product lines, having joined the company in June 1986 — shortly before Schiller. Known inside Apple as “Joz,” Joswiak became the head of iPod marketing during the digital media player’s heyday, as well as leading iPhone marketing as the smartphone subsumed the iPod business. Joswiak has presented at Apple media events and appeared in videos, albeit fewer than Schiller did, and has continued to be quoted in press releases as the top internal source on iPods despite their continued decline.


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