Apple set to invest $500 million in Arcade game service in a bid to develop exclusive titles

Apple is reportedly investing heavily in its new game subscription service, Apple Arcade. According to a report by the Financial Times, Apple’s budget for its new gaming subscription is likely to be $500 million in a bid to get it up and running.

Apple also looks to add over 100 new and exclusive games on its new Arcade game service when it launches in October 2019. During the announcement of its new service, Apple also promised it would release over 100 exclusive titles on Apple Arcade. This is a promise the company plans to keep with its latest investment.

Apple isn’t the only tech giant with a game subscription service as big names like Microsoft, Google and Nvidia are all lining up for a piece of the ever-growing $140-billion gaming market.

Apple is also teaming up with big brands like Disney, Konami, Sega and Cartoon Network to bring new and exclusive titles to Arcade. Beneath a Steel Sky and Sonic the Hedgehog have already been announced on the service. Independent developers like Boosa Studios Ltd, Annapurna Interactive and ustwo have also signed up for the service and will be developing Apple Arcade exclusive games.

According to a recent report, Apple is directly funding developers for exclusive launches on Apple Arcade. In order to be eligible for funding from Apple, developers may have to refrain from launching their titles on other gaming services and Google’s Play Store. The report also goes on to state that developers will be able to release their games on consoles and PC platforms after a few months of exclusivity.

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The new report of Apple’s half-a-billion-dollar investment in its gaming service comes a few weeks after the company announced an investment in excess of $1 billion to bankroll its Apple TV+ service. Apple seems to be focused on financing independent developers, rather than funding AAA studios. Apple Arcade users have every reason to be happy after Apple made an announcement that their game subscription service would be devoid of micro-transactions.

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