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Apple Park Visitor Center is always home to the most unique product displays of any Apple Store location in the world. Since opening in 2017, the store has featured several exquisitely detailed installations showcasing the latest Apple Watch bands and accessories. For the launch of Apple Watch Series 5, iPhone 11, and 11 Pro on September 20, new displays arrived to treat visitors.

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Three of Apple Park Visitor Center’s ten Avenue displays sport all-new designs. The first features Sport Loop straps, now available in new two-tone color schemes. Four colorful ribbons stretch vertically across the Avenue, twisting near the center to reveal a second color.

Three demo Apple Watches are mounted between the oversized straps, each paired with a different Sport Loop. A tray offers a selection of new and popular bands to explore. New wooden watch band shelves, also debuting at Apple Fifth Avenue, store inventory below. 

The second new Avenue spotlights Apple Watch Hermès and the collection’s new Space Black model. A silky black panel with peaked ridges mirrors the look of the exclusive Hermès analog watch face. Two Space Black watches are mounted side by side. One is paired with the new noir Single Tour strap, the other a noir Double Tour. Raised text reads “Designed by Apple in California & Hermès in Paris.”

Finally, Apple has updated its Designed by Apple in California iPhone accessory Avenue with the latest iPhone 11 Pro leather case colors. The display was first introduced last September, and shows five major steps in the leather case-making process.

The new one-of-a-kind displays at Apple Park Visitor Center come in addition to merchandising and design changes that rolled out to Apple Stores across the world on September 20. You can check out the new three-dimensional window displays, in-store graphics, and Apple Watch Studio in our in-depth gallery and hands-on experience.

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