It’s the computer’s first update in six years and it looks drastically different than its predecessor. Apple ditched the previous “trash can” cylinder design for a more traditional tower shape that has several holes for cooling and a handle on top. The computer is loaded with a 28-core Intel (INTC) and 1.5 TB of system memory.
It comes at a cost: $6,000 for the computer alone. Cusotmers can also have to buy the 32-inch 6K retina LCD display, called the Pro Display XDR, for an additional $4,999. There’s also a $999 monitor stand, but the computer can be used without it if you lean the monitor against the computer or purchase a mount adapter.
Apple (AAPL) first showed off the Mac Pro at its World Wide Developers Conference in June. Although it preorders will be available Tuesday, when it will actually ship remains unclear.


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