Apple’s next iPhone predicted to be a mega-powerful ‘Pro’ model with an epic price tag

Two mock-ups of the next iPhone, which will be released in September 2019  (Picture: MKBHD/YouTube)

If you’ve tried to buy a smartphone recently you’ll have noticed more high-end, high cost gadgets on the market.

Many top tech companies have unleashed super-expensive but mega-powerful smartphones in recent years and now Apple is rumoured to be planning a flagship model which could be the priciest it’s ever released.

A leaker called CoinX has claimed the next flagship iPhone will be a ‘Pro’ model – suggesting it’s going to have a truly epic price tag.

We don’t yet know if it will be called the iPhone 11 or have a different moniker, although most experts agree the flagship will come with a triple-lens camera system which will be the most advanced ever seen on an Apple phone. It’s due for release in September.

CoinX is the name of a mysterious anonymous that has accurately predicted the removal of the 2018 iPad Pro headphone jack and the names of the 2018 iPhone XR, XS and XS Max.

It tweeted: ‘“Pro” for iPhone? Crazy naming schemes over the past few years.’

The gadgets gave a ‘Pro’ appellation by Apple tend to be very powerful but also very expensive.

Analysts have previously suggested people are holding onto their phones for longer these days, which means they are less likely to upgrade every year.

To cope with this fall in income, tech giants have been releasing ever pricer smartphones. Apple, for instance, released the brilliant but ludicrously expensive iPhone XS Max last year, which costs a minimum of £1,099.

In practice, consumers might not actually notice the price increase if they keep the phone for two years or more, rather than ditching it after one.

It would also be possible to argue that slowing down the upgrade cycle has an environmental benefit because fewer resources are used and wasted.

Apple experts are in a particularly grumpy mood this year and have claimed the iPhone 11 will be a rather dull update with no major new features.

They’re hoping to see a 5G iPhone released in 2020 which will represent a big change for Apple and allow its handsets to use superfast wireless internet.

Alliance Bernstein, an investment management and research firm, said the next range is likely to ‘look largely identical’ to last year’s offerings, although the updated version of the XS and XS Max will have a triple camera system allowing it to take super high-quality wide-angle pictures.

The company’s analysts said there is a ‘risk of another relatively muted product cycle’.

Macquarie, an investment bank, also predicted a  ‘lacklustre year for iPhone’ and said investors would be excited about the 5G iPhone in 2020.


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