Archaeology news: Evidence of Jerusalem's 'cursed' King Uzziah proves Bible right – claim

Also known as Azariah, 2 Chronicles states he waged successful wars against the Philistines and the Arabians, and his name appears in archaeological texts from ancient Mesopotamia.

However, Uzziah is perhaps best remembered for contracting leprosy, which according to the Bible, was sent down as punishment for his pride.

Professor Meyer said: “Astonishing archaeological evidence has been discovered that validates the existence of the infamous eighth century BC king of Jerusalem, Uzziah.

“Uzziah – sometimes called Azariah – reigned from 790 to 739 BC and oversaw a renaissance of sorts in the southern kingdom of Judah.”

During Uzziah’s reign, the ancient kingdom of Judah expanded its powers beyond its borders and into Philistia, Edom, and Arabia.


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