Archaeology news: 'Rediscovery of lost Hittite civilisation' proves Bible is right – claim

More importantly, however, the tablets revealed a chronology of the Hittites’ history in the 14th to 13th centuries BC.

According to Professor Meyer, this incredible discovery not only brought to life a long-lost people but also shed new light on the Bible as a historical document.

He said: “The rediscovery of this lost civilisation and the revival of their language serves as a warning to those who doubt the historical accuracy of the Bible.

“Just because a discovery has not been made today doesn’t mean that it can’t be made tomorrow.”

Some experts have, however, made a distinction between the historical Hittites and the so-called Biblical Hittites.

The Bible speaks of the Hethites or the Hetti, who although similar in name, might have not necessarily been the same people.

The Jewish Polish Assyriologist Ephraim Avigdor Speiser, for instance, took this view in Genesis: Introduction, Translation and Notes.


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