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Are ETFs a Good Investment?

Are ETFs a Good Investment?

ETFs are tradable on an exchange, similar to how you trade stocks or currency pairs. You buy ETFs as an asset and sell them when you see profit potential. ETFs stand for exchange-traded funds that have lower fees, unlike other forms of funds. However, the trading risk varies with the type of ETFs you trade.

Learning More About ETFs

You can evaluate ETFs based on their merits to assess whether they are a good investment option for you or not. Multiple factors come into play when you are deciding to invest in ETFs. These factors include commissions, management costs, investment quality, ease of buying/selling, etc. But like all the other types of financial assets, they aren’t one-size-fits-all.

When the exchange opens, you can buy or sell an ETF just like you trade company stocks in the stock exchange. ETFs comprise intraday price and a ticker symbol. However, in the case of ETFs, you will notice that the share quantity changes rapidly due to the creation of new ones and the redemption of the existing ones.

Investing in ETFs

Here’s a quick overview regarding ETF trading. By learning the pros and cons of ETF trading, you can decide whether they are profitable and feasible or not.

The Pros

  • Transparency

If you have an internet connection, you can easily check the market prices and trends of any ETFs you wish to trade. The fund’s holdings are public throughout the day regularly.

  • Diversification

With ETFs, diversifying your online trading portfolio is extremely easy. You may think that acquiring multiple market verticals, including commodities, stocks, and bonds, is easy with ETFs. While this is the case, you should note that it is relatively expensive but highly profitable to diversify ETF trading horizontally. You can spread your investments across various industries through ETFs. This means that with a single click of a button, you will be able to deliver a diverse effect on your trading portfolio.

  • Tax Benefits

Investors typically pay and undergo taxation once they decide to sell their investment. However, when it comes to mutual funds, you will incur tax costs throughout the period of investment (trading).

The Cons

  • Risks of ETF Closure

This is a typical case when a fund doesn’t bring in enough assets that help cover administrative costs. Once an ETF closes, investors have to sell their assets as soon as possible rather than wait for profit opportunities to arise. Normally, when this happens, traders entertain losses due to quick sales.

  • Trading Costs

ETF trading carries costs similar to other forms of trading. Since you trade them on an exchange through a broker company’s online platform, there are broker commissions involved. Although some brokers try to keep their commissions as low as possible, not all remain interested in doing the same.

  • Liquidity Issues (Potential)

The trading frequency in the ETFs market is low. This makes it quite a cumbersome task to sell them. In addition, once market changes affect the ETF prices, you may have to sell quickly to gain profit or avoid losses.

Types of ETFs in the Market Today

Here are some types of ETFs that you can trade on an ETF exchange at any time.

  • Stock ETFs

As the name suggests, these are regular stocks that most ETF traders hold for long-term profits and growth. In contrast to individual stocks that you may seek in conventional trading, stock ETFs offer less risk.

  • Bond ETFs

ETF bonds don’t have a maturity date, unlike individual bonds. To the investors, these bonds offer regular cash payments. In addition to stock ETFs, bond ETFs are relatively more secure and low-risk.

  • International ETFs

If you wish to build a diverse portfolio, you may require foreign stocks for investment. International ETFs provide access to foreign investments.


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