Are Online Slots Games Rigged?

Are Online Slots Games Rigged?

Ever heard of special tricks used to manipulate and empty slot machines, I’m sure such a thing has crossed our minds one time or the other.

Many a person who has lost to the ‘Slot Monster‘ or seeks to conquer it, has thought about this question either quietly or while acting up and yelling curses at the machines and casinos they believed cost them money.

Honestly, they are not to blame cause when it comes to online slot games, certain circumstances beg the question ‘are online slot games rigged?’ Well, no one knows for sure, some rumors point out that online slots are rigged while there are facts that prove that they are not. The Dunder online casino is particularly recommended for new players. But connoisseurs will also find a first-class range of the best slots when playing to get the Dunder Casino bonus.

But one thing is for sure, online slots were programmed and intended to be a game of chance, meaning you can’t use skills to beat the house. You also don’t need experience. You could win $10,000 with your first ever slot game or lose the same amount of money as an experienced player.

So, it really depends on your luck rather than the level of your know-how. But why are you always losing your wager while your friends win?  The frustration that comes with such an experience could blind your judgment. But you’re not alone, and that’s not the only reason why people, at some point end up believing that the whole system is rigged. Here are a few more reasons for this misconception:

Consistently Losing Bets

If online slots are purely luck-based, then players shouldn’t lose repeatedly. That’s true. When playing genuine online slots, it’s guaranteed that you lose some bets and win others. 

Unfortunately, most casinos will always get a majority of the winnings compared to their players. To some people, this means they are rigged. But that’s not uncommon. The odds, in general, will always favor the house. That’s just how casinos make their profits. It’s pure luck, most of the time.

It’s worth noting that most of these online casinos have proven their integrity. This means their algorithms are designed to address the lack of transparency that some gambling games are tolerating. Reputable gaming platforms demonstrate this decorum to their audience by applying for certification among third-party software companies. Likewise, Slots on, for example, are ‘provably fair’. As such, players won’t feel that the system is rigged or programmed to work against them.

Games Crashing When You Win

Technical challenges are one of the challenges most online slot applications face. they appear at the worst times. You could be enjoying a winning streak. And just when you get a bonus feature to help multiply your wins, the game crashes. To many players, this has become a genuine cause of frustration.

On the other side, here are a few facts that prove online slot games are not rigged:

Accredited RNG Software

When it comes to online slot games, Random number generation must be used in software-based gambling to guarantee fair play. This technology employs various complex algorithms to consistently generate random outputs. 

RNG software determines every poker card dealt, a roll of the dice, and the winning number on the roulette wheel. It’s also true that any interference with this system can modulate the odds in favor of the house, which would create an unfair advantage to the public. 

In the long run, the house always wins, hence, to curb any unfair advantage, online casinos are required to have their data analyzed, and any anomalies are investigated. Through this inspection, players can be sure that every deal is honest, if not favorable.

The BlockChain

With the advancement of technology, new ways to keep the systems honest are created. One of these ways is through blockchain.

You’ve probably come across this term in cryptocurrency but it has a wide range of applications. It refers to a digitally distributed database that’s shared among various computers in a given network. All important information is stored in the blockchain and every node can access it. This guarantees security without the need for centralized authority.

The best thing about this technology is that any added data is set in stone and can be viewed by all members. For that reason, there’s no way to alter transactions on the chain, so all results are 100% guaranteed. Likewise, a decentralized network is used to guarantee that nobody can corrupt gambling outcomes while playing.

Interested parties should avoid the hassle of always checking the legitimacy of certain websites, and just opt to play on sites that exploit blockchain technology.

Data Encryption

Websites that don’t use secure connections, expose private information, bank credentials, and data. For example, they could operate your account and the losses would appear legitimate. Hence, it is advantageous for players to use online casinos with secure connections.

The most popular and successful form of encryption is SSL. This is short for Secure Sockets Layer. It converts all of the information that we input into code via mathematical functions involving elliptic equations. Players should be on the lookout for this.

Online Casino Regulation

There are legal authorities that oversee online gambling and target ‘rogue casinos.’ With official regulation, authorities can monitor websites, provide legal backing for the players, and enforce judgments on gambling companies that default.


Online slots and casino games can be rigged. However, genuine online casinos take the appropriate steps to ensure fair play for their customers. And if their dealings aren’t transparent enough, legal authorities will be there to check on them.

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