Are Online Slots Really Random?

There are lots of different places on the Internet where you can play online slot games. Casinos are popping up all over the place, so it is vital that you understand how to pick one that is fully licenced and regulated in the country from which it originates. Sadly, there are dodgy sites around, and if you play online slots with these, there is a possibility that the games are not actually random. Reputable online slots really are random, and there are lots of reasons why this can be proven. So, in answer to the question are online slots really random the answer is yes provided you play at a licenced and regulated casino site.

How Can You Be Sure?

Generally, if you go to the foot of every casino website, you will find information about their licence number and which country they are licenced in. You can check this information against the gambling commission’s site for that country, and also you will be able to see which design company has safety-tested their online slot machines. If you can’t find this information easily displayed, and industry standards state it belongs in the footer, so it is at the bottom of every page you visit, leave the site and look at a different one. Properly licenced sites have all of their software including their random number generators tested to ensure that they are actually entirely unpredictable and totally random. Slot machines are a game of luck, they don’t require skill, and you cannot influence your chances by any behaviours. 

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What is a Random Number Generator? 

The majority of online games use random number generators. If you play actual roulette, each time there is a spin, a number is randomly generated. In order to be completely accurate and true to life, the computer does not keep a history that it can refer to of which numbers have already been picked. This means every time the wheel is spun; it is an independent event and any of the numbers can come up. Theoretically, the same number could come up, on more than one occasion because this is how genuine random number generation works. The same applies to slot machines while it might not be a single number that is needed; it may be a set of symbols each of these can be tied back to a random number generation. Each time the slot machine is set in action, a totally independent random event takes place, and a number is selected to correspond with the required number of symbols to be shown. Again, there is no tracking; it cannot see what number it picked last time, or how well a player is playing, or how often they have one. These are purely random events. 

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Other Points to Note 

That said, the house always has an edge. This means that the return to player, or RTP as it’s known, ensures that the house will always earn some money even if it pays out every time. Now because these games don’t pay out every time the house is guaranteed to make money. Without this edge, there would be no casinos – it is as simple as that! But from time to time if a jackpot is won, a customer can walk away with literally millions of pounds. 

So, for fairness and transparency every game advertised on a casino online must display its RTP this is shown as a percentage, and for example, if the RTP for a game is 80%, the customer can get up to 80p back on every pound they wager. Therefore, if you are looking to try and get the best from a slot game, a higher RTP is better for you. Generally, the higher the RTP, the smaller the pay-outs are likely to be on that machine. But if you just like the thrill of winning some money these will be the ones to go for. 

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Of course, the amount you get paid out also depends on what you are actually winning whether you have a full house or have unlocked bonus features. If you have a slot machine that has a very large jackpot, it often doesn’t pay-out that often. It is a complex algorithm to arrive at a jackpot-winning number, and while it is still random therefore totally possible the statistics snowman and the odds of it happening are lower. So, you can’t do anything to influence these, but you can look for slot machines that have a low wager rate, a high RTP rate, and small pay-out amounts more regularly. You can also look for slot machines that offer bonus games as these often involve free spins, so there is a lot more to do in the game making each turn lost that little bit longer. 

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