Arthritis treatment: Study reveals painkillers being avoided – best way to ease symptoms

FutureYou conducted the study to raise awareness of the problems many arthritis sufferers are dealing with on a regular basis and highlight the ways the issues can be tackled.

The study comes in the wake of Public Health England’s recent review from September 2019 that found 1 in 4 Brits are addicted to painkillers.

Commenting on the research, Adam Cleevely, Chief Executive Officer from FutureYou said: “The pain of arthritis is an everyday reality for 10 million people, and it’s shocking that so many haven’t found an effective way to manage their condition.

“It’s sad and unacceptable that so many people have been forced to accept this way of life because they’ve either failed to find a prescription or over-the-counter option that works for them, or they’re simply not aware of or don’t have access to an effective non-medicinal alternative.

“With more people wanting to avoid pain killers it’s important that they are aware that there are other choices available to them.”


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