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In light of rising adoption of an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning portfolio – backed by a steady fourth quarter (Q4) 2019 performance and supported by double digit quarterly growth (year-on-year) in the consumer and digital segment revenue – and the October acquisition of International TechneGroup, Wipro’s sentiments are on the rise.

GlobalData’s ‘Company Filing Analytics Platform’, which analyses and showcases sentiments across companies and sectors by scanning through earning transcripts and filing documents, finds Wipro’s overall sentiment score rose 17 per cent during the Q4 2019, surpassing past quarter scores and reaching the highest in the last two years.

In comparison, Infosys – Wipro’s competitor in the ‘AI for business’ segment – saw its sentiments decline due to a quarter plagued by investigation and whistleblower incidents.

Wipro’s digital segment has seen rapid growth in the recent years and currently accounts for 40 per cent of the overall revenue. With AI set to influence multiple industry trends, Wipro is fuelling AI investments.

In January 2020, the global system integrator (GSI) announced a US$150 million fund to invest in companies focused on cyber security, app development, data analytics, cloud, automation and AI.


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