AstraZeneca vaccine tribulations

How problems will affect lockdown easing, plus does British policing require fundamental reform?

The UK encountered the first bumps in its vaccine roll out programme, as the government warned supplies of the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab would drop significantly in April. Why? How will this affect the lockdown easing? What caused this shortfall and how does it play into Europe’s issues with the vaccine? Plus, we discuss whether policing in the UK requires fundamental reform, following the Met’s handling of a vigil in London’s Clapham Common last weekend. Do current laws offer enough protection for women? Presented by Sebastian Payne, with Sarah Neville, Clive Cookson, Robert Shrimsley and Jasmine Cameron-Chileshe. Produced by Anna Dedhar and Josh de la Mare. The sound engineer was Breen Turner and the editor Liam Nolan.

Review clips: 10 Downing Street, European Commission, UK Parliament

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