NEW DELHI: Flipkart spends as much as 30% of its annual revenues on marketing and advertising, much higher than the country’s largest advertiser Hindustan Unilever, whose ad spend seldom crosses a tenth of its revenues.

India’s largest ecommerce company has told the Delhi High Court in a trademark case that Flipkart Internet — the company that operates the eponymous marketplace — spent Rs 721 crore on advertising and marketing in FY17, or 32% of its total revenue of Rs 2,253 crore. Advertising industry experts said this was particularly impressive, coming in the year of demonetisation.

Flipkart declined to comment. According to court documents, Flipkart revealed its ad spends as part of its trademark infringement case filed against a number of websites, including, that allegedly use the Flipkart name as well as its yellow and blue logo.

A Pitch Madison Advertising report in February 2017 had said the industry suffered a loss of Rs 1,650 crore during November-December 2016 on account of demonetisation, bringing down the overall growth in the Indian advertising market to 12.5% in 2016.


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